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Friday, September 19th, 2008

Humberto Sanchez Has Finally Arrived

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A couple of years ago when the Yankees acquired Bobby Abreu to play right field they had to figure out what to do with Gary Sheffield and they decided it was best to try to trade him.

It was no easy task as Sheffield was a surly aging ball player with a hefty contract to boot. Just finding a team who was interested in taking on that amount of salary was tough enough and on top of that they had find a team who wasn’t worried about his attitude. Because of those two issues getting something valuable back would be tough.

What the Yankees did was they traded him to Detroit for Humberto Sanchez along with two other lower level minor league prospects. Sanchez represented a pitcher with a high ceiling who was also a significant injury risk. The risk proved to be true as he needed Tommy John surgery almost immediately.

The surgery cost him the entire season of 2007 and …

Mets-Braves Series Preview

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I was convinced that the 2008 Jerry Manuel–led Mets were different than last year. They showed a resilience after every devastating loss that wasn’t there last season, and even when injury after injury piled up (and they’re still piling up), they just plugged somebody else in there and didn’t make any excuses. But as soon as Luis Ayala gave up that three-run homer to Greg Norton last Sunday, they instantly transformed themselves back into the 2007 collapsing Mets. In the first two games in DC, every batter stepped up to the plate shaking, sweating profusely, chain smoking, grinding his bat into sawdust and hoping upon hope that it wasn’t really his turn to bat. You could see the pressure on their faces with every pitch. But the last two games of the series, they were back to the Jerry Manuel Mets. Wednesday’s game was their routine tightrope act that they’ve won and lost 20 times this year. And last …

Mussina Now 2 Wins Away From 20

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There is still hope.

I don’t mean that there is still hope for the Yankees, nope, this team washed their chances down the drain a couple of weeks ago. Instead there is still hope for Mike Mussina to be able to grab that elusive twentieth victory.

Thanks in big part to the Yankees of last night playing like the Yankees of old. They came out and hit right away which was crucial to turning around a game where Moose gave up a run in the first inning. They came back thanks to a two-run homer by Bobby Abreu in the top of the first.

The biggest thing though was that the offense kept the pressure on which helped to take the pressure off Mussina. Abreu again played a big role in this thanks to his second homer of the night that came in the third inning. But they weren’t done there and they really took the pressure off the man with a …

Mets Survive in DC: Series Recap

Mets Rumors & News

The Mets were down to a slim one-game lead in the standings at the beginning of this series. With every loss the word “collapse” echoed in the Mets’ heads (collapse…collapse…collapse…echo…echo…echo…pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon…Manny Mota…Mota…Mota…). After splitting four games with Washington, the Mets are now a half game behind Philly but have a one-and-a-half-game lead over Milwaukee for the wild card lead. We have to start keeping an eye on the sliding Brewers now. Have you seen Prince Fielder lately? Ned Yost didn’t get fired. Fielder ate him. After going 1-5 against the Nats down the stretch last September, the Mets went 4-2 against them this year, and finished 12-6 vs. them for the season. Here’s what happened down in DC.
Monday, Nationals 7-2: Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Day to Quit Drinking
Five lousy hits. Two lousy runs. A pedestrian Pedro Martinez (yet again). …

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