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Yankee Stadium is gone after last night’s final game and celebration and going with it is Hideki Matsui whose season will be ending prematurely as he has season ending knee surgery.

Matsui has been hobbled by his left knee for a while now and probably didn’t get surgery earlier just so he could take part in the final game at the stadium. He missed part of June and all of July as he tried to rest the knee instead of opting for surgery.

After he returned in August it was clear that he was not fully healed, but he tried to play through it anyways. Early in September it was clear he wasn’t pulling his weight and he was taken out of the lineup.

His numbers were pretty ugly after his mid-summer break to rest the knee. In 24 games he had a .209 average, a .594 OPS, 2 homers, 11 RBI’s, 7 walks, and 17 strike outs.

Matsui had a similar operation on his right knee last off-season. He should be ready to go by next spring training and he has one year left on his four year contract. The Yankees looked to trade the aging outfielder last season, but didn’t as they felt they were never offered a good enough package.

It would have been likely they would have explored dealing him again, but having two knee surgeries two years in a row may scare off potential trade partners. Matsui also has a full no trade clause in his contract so he would have to approve any deal the Yankees did want to pull off making dealing him even less likely.

Overall this season Matsui played in 93 games while hitting .294 with nine homers and 45 RBI’s and a .795 OPS.

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