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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

I’d Rather Get Beat Up In an Alley: Monday not My Funday

Jets Rumors & News

Once again, being a Jets fan this week was an excruciatingly painful experience.

Growing pains were to be expected when the Jets went and got Brett Favre.  They were on display for the entire country to see last night.  It looked like in the aftermath of last week’s goal line debacle the Jets opened up the playbook.  Problem is, they all opened it up to different pages.  Favre was throwing balls to empty patches of field turf or to the Charger’s defense instead of to our wide receivers.  There were three turnovers in the first half.  There was also that undeniably stupid onsides kick attempt. Ugly.  Painful to watch. Had we recovered the onside attempt it would have been a great call.  But we didn’t.  So it must be looked upon as a bonehead call.

Despite the turnovers and the questionable calls, it’s the play of our defense that has me worried.  David Barrett made a great interception that he turned into a touchdown.  For a minute I …

Week 3 pickups


The New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, New England Patriotsand and  Indianapolis Colts all have a bye week in Week 4.


Brian Griese (Bucs)-Threw for 407 yards against his former team in an overtime victory. With the running game struggling Griese threw the ball 67 times. Has an attractive matchup against the Broncos in Week 5. Later in the season has games against the Saints, Falcons and Lions who each have weak pass defenses. Also has another weapon to throw to with tight end Jerramy Stevens back from a two-game suspension.

Gus Frerotte (Vikings) – Finished 16/28 for 204 yards and a TD replacing Tarvaris Jackson as the starter. His interception was due to receiver Bernard Berrian bobbling the ball. With a strong offensive line and running game could be a serviceable starter in a …

Hot Stove Shea Stadium Quiz

Mets Rumors & News

This is the last year for Shea Stadium. It may be a dump that smells like a sewer, but it’s our dump that smells like a sewer. Take the quiz and see how much you know about the Queens stadium. The answers will be posted tomorrow.
1. What is the full name of Shea Stadium?
2. What year did Shea open?
3. What team did the Mets play in their first-ever game at Shea?
4. How many times did the Beatles play there?
5. How many years did the Jets play in Queens?
6. Who hit the game-winning home run in the only All-Star game played at Shea in 1964?
7. What year was the Apple installed?…

NL Dogfight – September 23rd

Mets Rumors & News

As the end of the season approaches, one team is rising above the remaining two. The Phillie’s September surge hasn’t let up as they’ve won 10 or their last 11 and are 14-6 in the month of September. The Mets have cooled, dropping their third straight game, while the Brewers gained ground, by not playing.

Recap of Monday’s Action:

The Phillies continued their hot play, as the Phillies beat the Braves 6-2. In the eighth inning, with the game knotted at two, Greg Dobbs (pinch hitting for Scott Eyre), singled up the middle. Dobbs was replaced by the speedy Greg Golson. Within two pitches Golson found himself on third base after Jeff Bennett’s pick off attempt sailed into foul territory. After Jimmy Rollins grounded out to second, Chase Utley was intentionally walked to set up a double play. The next batter, Jayson Werth, hit a hard ground ball down the third base line. Golson broke on contact, and beat Martin …

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