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This is the last year for Shea Stadium. It may be a dump that smells like a sewer, but it’s our dump that smells like a sewer. Take the quiz and see how much you know about the Queens stadium. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. What is the full name of Shea Stadium?

2. What year did Shea open?

3. What team did the Mets play in their first-ever game at Shea?

4. How many times did the Beatles play there?

5. How many years did the Jets play in Queens?

6. Who hit the game-winning home run in the only All-Star game played at Shea in 1964?

7. What year was the Apple installed?

8. How many playoff games did the Jets play at Shea?

9. Which year did Shea Stadium host four professional New York teams?

10. Which Hall of Fame quarterback made his last career appearance in the last-ever Jets game at Shea?

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