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It’s so much more fun to watch the Jets when they’re winning by 34 points.  Finally it seemed the ball was bouncing our way.  And it just kept on bouncing.  The Cardinals had 11 penalties and seven turnovers.  Favre set his career high for touchdown passes in a game not wearing a Packer’s jersey nor a Jet’s jersey but in a freakin’ Titan’s blue and gold throwback. Who’d a thunk that one.  I can’t remember the Jets ever putting up 56 points.  Can you?  We could have outscored the Knicks yesterday.

Kurt Warner should change his name to Cough Warner after yesterday’s game.  The Jets were forcing fumbles and getting interceptions almost every drive in the first half. The Cardinals first drive was actually very forbidding.  Warner looked great and was picking our defense apart.  When he fumbled the ball I was so relieved only to see the Cardinals recover.  Then the Cardinals fumbled again.  And then again.  And then he threw an interception.  And then another fumble.  And then another interception.  The next thing you know the Jets have scored 34 points in one quarter and the game is pretty much over.  I’m going to try not to get too excited about this win but Sunday’s game showed the potential Favre gives the offense.

I’d like to officially welcome Laveranues Coles to the 2008 season (it’s about time- sheesh).  Coles was ready for the ball Sunday and it resulted in 105 yards and 3 touchdowns- all 3 came in the 2nd quarter.  I wasn’t expecting such a huge day from him and obviously the Cardinals weren’t either.  When they started doubling Laveranues Favre calmly switched targets and hit Jerricho Cotchery for 2 more touchdowns.  Funny how after a 3 touchdown game Coles went from a mute grouch to a Favre fan.

I’m just excited about having an oppurtunity to play football with a legend.  There’s nothing I could do to enhance his career, but there’s a lot he could do to enhance mine…- Coles

Who is this person that Mangini replaced Coles with?  Maybe he’s a football-playing robot with a Mangini-controlled voice modulation doohickee thingamajig.  Whoever or whatever he is, let’s keep him around.  He’s much more fun than the curmudgeon Coles has been.  The Coles-bot even gave Favre his third touchdown ball and referred to himself as a “brat” after the game.

The worst part of the game for me came early on.  I’d like to point out that Favre’s interception in the first quarter shouldn’t have even happened. There was a blatant off-sides infraction on the Cardinals that wasn’t called. I saw it, the announcers saw it, the offensive line saw it, and Favre saw it. That’s why he threw such a crappy pass. The only people who didn’t see it were the refs and to them I give the finger.

Mangini will tear into his defense for allowing so many points to be scored against them in the second half but they played great.  All the fumbles and interceptions came because they attacked Warner relentlessly.  Kris Jenkins was a force.  He blew two guys off the line at the same time then blocked a field goal.  Awesome freak of nature that guy.  If he can stay healthy our days of getting run over by Maroney and friends are done. Darell Revis made it into the endzone finally.  What a great player he’s becoming and this is only his 2nd season.  Nice drafting with that one folks.

It was strange to see Brett Favre playing in a blue jersey yes, but if I were Mangini I might be making the team wear the throwbacks until they lose.  Then again he doesn’t really strike me as the superstitious type.  All week long I watched the people over at ESPN pimp up Kurt Warner and trash Favre.  They pretty much all picked the Cardinals to win and Warner to have a great game. Now I turn it on and Steven A Smith is saying something stupid (as usual) but this time it’s about the “love affair for Brett Favre” as he calls it.  I love it when he’s wrong which is pretty often.  He’s the only person in sports media that makes me wonder, “Why is he on my TV?”  And that’s usually when I turn it off.

Had Coles not dropped a ball Favre could have thrown 7 touchdowns which ties an NFL record.  When the Jets stopped trying to run the ball every play, Favre also stopped throwing pass completions.  Those were daggers he was hurling.  4th and 1- the Jets go for it.  Favre threw right for the juggular and not only got the 1st but a touchdown as well.  There was killer instinct brewing in our huddle.  A good ole’ Southern Recipe.  The Cardinals stacked the line of scrimage so we couldn’t run the ball and eat up the clock.  That left oppurtunity down field and Favre went to town.  Kind of like a pick your poison situation.  This particular brand probably didn’t taste too good in Arizona.

Even better than his career day is what Favre said on the sidelines, “I’m very very happy I’m here.” Look out folks, 4 weeks down and the gunner’s still smiling.  That’s what I’m talking about!

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