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Al Davis is well known for being a difficult man to work for.  He’s passionate about his Oakland Raiders and he expects them to win.  When they don’t, he usually takes it out on his coach in a very public fashion.  Now you can add Lane Kiffen to the list of coaches Davis ran out of town.  To be honest, that list isn’t a bad place to be for a young coach.  He’s in great company- Mike Shannahan, Art Shell, Norv Turner, Bill Callahan, and Jon Gruden all had issues working for Al Davis.  I’m thinking that when Davis hates his coach it’s a good thing.  The truth is he doesn’t really want a coach, Al hires personal assistants and that doesn’t sit well with most men who are trying to put together a good football team.

When I saw Davis on TV bashing Lane Kiffen in such an unprofessional manner I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.  I mean Al Davis, not Kiffen.  Kiffen might actually be percieved as more qualified after being fired by the Raiders.  This is like a badge of honor or a really good war scar for a NFL coach.  On Kiffen’s resume it now reads, “2007-2008 Oakland Raiders, Head Coach.  Stuck to my guns and was fired.”

The man I felt sorry for was Al Davis.  Such a blatant display of disrespect could only come from lunacy.  He’s old.   If you haven’t seen any of it you should click. He looks like the human Lo Pan, you know the bad guy in Big Trouble In Little China. Davis proceeds to give us details on differences he and Kiffen had on draft picks, contract stipulations, and even defensive formations the Raiders used in games.  At least Jerry Jones keeps his “coaching seminars” behind closed doors.  Can you imagine trying to talk to 79 year old Davis during a game about your Nickel package and why it’s better in a certain situation.  No matter what you say, you’re wrong and the Al Davis the General Manager and owner is right.  While the Raiders haven’t looked great, it’s hard to imagine a team this discombobulated can win anytime soon.  Tom Cable.  You ever hear that name before today?  Me neither.

I’ve heard that Al Davis’s mom lived to be over 100 years old.  That means there’s a very good chance the Raiders will suck for at least the next 20 years.  The dude reminds me of a cockroach.  A nuclear war couldn’t stop him from micro-managing his football team.

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