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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

MLB NLCS Series Preview: Dodgers vs Phillies

Both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies come into the NLCS playing some of their best baseball of the year.  The Dodgers come off an impressive sweep of the Chicago Cubs while the Phillies were equally impressive in beating CC Sabathia and the Milwaukee Brewers.  

Like every postseason matchup this series will come down to starting pitching and bullpen effectiveness. And on paper, one would have to say that the Phillies have the advantage in both categories. Additionally, the Phillies also have an advantage in another important but often overlooked aspect of home field where the Phillies tend to play better.  

In examining just about any aspect of this series, the Phillies and the Dodgers are as even as it gets. But I am going to give the edge to the Dodgers due to what Manny Ramirez brings to their lineup and the experience of Joe Torre in the post-season.  

Pitching Matchups (First four games listed):

Derek Lowe vs Cole Hamels

Chad Billingsley vs Brett Myers

Jamie Moyer …

Superteams Smackdown: 1977 Yankees vs. 1986 Mets

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Here is the first in a series of superteam smackdowns. We’ll pit two championship teams together, and you vote on who you think would win if these two titans matched up against each other.
The year 1977 was the birth of the Bronx Zoo Yankees. They fought each other, they fought the manager and they fought the owner. 1986 was the year everything peaked for the Mets after rebuilding from the ashes of the rock-bottom late ’70s–early ’80s. They fought the whole National League. What if these two powerhouses battled each other? Who would win? What if they just got in a boxing ring? That might be better.
The ’77 Yankees were led by the irascible Billy Martin, and went 100-62 that season. They were fourth in the AL in runs scored (831), third in home runs (184), second in average (.281) and third in ERA (3.62). Graig …

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