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The Giants came into this game ranked first in total offense, first in rushing offense, first in points per game, first in yards per carry, first in sacks, second in points allowed per game, second in passing defense and third in total defense. That’s all going to change after last night’s brutal 35-14 loss.

The Good

The Giants are still in first place. Their plane didn’t crash on the way home. John Carney didn’t miss an extra point. And Derrick Ward (101 Yards on 20 carries) and Steve Smith (nine catches, 94 yards) actually played well. That about wraps it up.

The Bad

This is going to take awhile. Where did this game come from? Is this what happens when Plaxico Burress is on time for every meeting? The hapless Browns dominated the game every way possible and turned the Giants into the hapless Giants. When Eli Manning wasn’t handing Cleveland the ball, the Browns offense was breezing up and down the field. The Giants defense was a sieve. They barely laid a hand on Derek Anderson, as he passed for 310 yards and two touchdowns. The Browns QB continually burned Aaron Ross, once for a 49-yard completion, once for a 70-yarder and once for a TD. The cornerback finally left the game due to leg cramps, or maybe just embarrassment.

The Browns had the ball all night, and did whatever they wanted – reverses, Wild Cat formations, running, throwing. They converted one third down after another (nine for 13). They also committed so many penalties, they had a few first and 15’s from their own tunnel. But it didn’t matter. They cut right through New York. What happened to that great Giants defense? They didn’t have any sacks, and for the fifth game in a row, the D still has not forced any turnovers. Amazing.

Plaxico Burress was back. He did catch a touchdown pass, but he and Manning looked out of sync. He turned inside, Manning threw outside. He turned outside, Manning threw inside. He finished with four catches and 58 yards. About the only thing the offense did right was executing the two-minute drill right before the half to score their second TD. And Brandon Jacobs didn’t tiptoe around anyone. He plowed over Cleveland defenders and it usually took about eight Browns to bring him down. But he only ended up with 67 yards on 14 carries (though with a touchdown). Even their time management fell apart at the end. Down by three TD’s in the fourth quarter, they cruised to the red zone in about 45 seconds, but then it took them about as long as it takes John Madden to get across the country in his bus to get off three plays.

The Ugly

This section is reserved for Eli Manning. He was uuuuggggglllly. His final line read: 18 for 28, 196 yards, one TD, three interceptions. And they were three bad interceptions. No deflections or tips. None bounced out of a receiver’s hand. They were all on Eli. After only having one pick the first quarter of the season, he threw one on the first drive of the game, one on the first pass of the second half and one when the Giants were poised to get back in the game, being down by 13. Two came in the red zone. One was returned for a touchdown. I thought we were done with Bad Eli. But he came back with a vengeance last night.

The Browns wore their 1957-59 throwback helmets, while the Giants played a throwback game – to the Ray Handley era. Everyone was starting to call the Jints the best team in the NFL. After getting no respect, the experts were crawling out of the woodwork to praise them. Not anymore. The team just can’t handle having nice things said about them. Now they can go back to being the underdog. Just the way they like it.

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