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Friday, October 17th, 2008

I’d Rather Get Beat Up in an Alley- Late Edition

Jets Rumors & News

Brett Favre has a very short memory and that’s a good thing. Otherwise, his fumble recovered for a touchdown and his 2 interceptions might have prevented him from slinging the ball with confidence. After throwing 6 touchdowns in his last game, the Bengal’s defense looked like their preparation focused on stopping Favre’s passing attack. Why the Jets didn’t have a monster day rushing the ball  I don’t know but Thomas Jones handled the scoring responsibilities anyway. His three touchdowns were the most he’s ever scored in a game and were enough to keep the Carson Palmerless Bengals winless.

There were new pages from the Jet’s offensive playbook on display Sunday- swing passes, reverses, screens. Mangini might have been treating the Bengals game as a scrimmage so he can run new plays against a live defense. For the most part, Favre’s down field attack stayed on the sideline while his short passes and hand-offs kept the game clock moving. The fewer …

Hot Stove Player of the Week: Aaron Voros

Rangers Rumors & News

It’s time to hand out the coveted Hot Stove Player of the Week award. With hockey season in full swing and the Jets and Giants both in action, we had more to choose from this time around. This week’s prize is a complimentary copy of the April edition of AARP magazine. As always, the winner can pick up his prize at his own convenience and expense.
Aaron Voros: The Rangers’ new left wing and fan favorite scored three goals and added three assists in four games this week (Hot Stove’s week goes from Friday to Thursday – just because I said so). He was the star of the game in the Blueshirts win over the Devils, when he netted two, assisted on one and bugged the crap out of Martin Brodeur. The former Minnesota Fighting Saint (ok, Wild; does anybody remember the WHA anymore?) came …

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