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“We were out coached”

“We should have stayed with the run”

“We should have passed more”

“We should have blitzed more”

None of the above statements were said by New York Giants’ players after they were dismantled by the Cleveland Browns last week, 35-14. Granted the Giants didn’t lose a playoff game, and having a Superbowl ring tends to give players some perspective. But it’s a positive sign that the Giants didn’t revert back to their finger pointing ways after getting outplayed for 60 minutes on Monday Night Football. Usually when the media writes about players being a “distraction” or a “cancer in the locker room” versus being a “true leader” and the “heart and soul of the team” it’s just a way to sell newspapers. But maybe in this case it’s true. Without talented but attention seeking players like Tiki Barber, Michael Strahan and Jeremy Shockey, the potential for catchy back page headlines and interesting sports talk radio about the Giants has been reduced significantly. This can only be a good thing. Tom Coughlin’s time is better served making adjustments to the gameplan, not putting out fires through the media. Eli Manning is a better quarterback if he is watching film and correcting his mistakes, not explaining if his feelings are hurt when his tight end yells at him.  Does all of this team spirit guarantee another trip to the Superbowl? Of course not, but it sure can’t hurt.

Keys To New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers

Giants Linebackers and Safeties  vs.  Frank Gore and Vernon Davis

The Giants safeties and linebackers had trouble covering the Browns tight ends the entire game.  49er’s offensive coordinator Mike Martz likes to split Frank Gore out as a reciever and Vernon Davis is the most explosive athlete San Francisco has in the passing game.  The safety trio of Michael Johnson, James Butler and Kenny Phillips along with outside ‘backers, Brian Kehl and Danny Clark must hold up in coverage to give the Giants pass rush a chance to break down the 49er’s offensive line.

Fred Robbins and Jay Alford    vs.     The Interior of the 49er’s Offensive Line

The edge rushers get all the glory but the true mismatch in the Giants favor is deep in the trenches.  If the Giants can force San Francisco into 3rd and long situations, Fred Robbins and Jay Alford can use their superior athletic ability to win one-on-one match ups with guards Adam snyder and Tony Wragge and center Eric Heitmann.

Expect Big Blue to bounce back in a big way this week.   A week after not forcing a punt or a turnover , the defense will get their pass rush swagger back and the offense will control the clock.

Giants 27-49ers 13

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