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Monday, October 20th, 2008
Jets Rumors & News

There are two different grades of sandpaper: commercial and industrial.  You can buy the commercial grade at your local hardware store.  The industrial strength, which is what we’re going to need here, is going to have to be ordered.  Once you’ve done that, I’d say a really coarse grit like 40, go ahead and sand down the top part of your thighs.  If you’ve done it right there should be a little blood and every time you walk for the next week or so there will be a sharp stinging sensation.  If you’re not into torturing yourself in such a prolonged manner, just watch a replay of the Jets game at Oakland.  I’m warning you in advance, industrial strength sandpaper’s got nothing on the Jets.  That s#@t was rough yo.

When the offense came out in a spread formation it was not only novel, it was effective.  We moved the ball down the field, yes, but it seemed that in order for Favre to deliver the ball …

Week 8 Pickups


Cedric Benson (Bengals)- Benson started over Chris Perry against the Steelers and finished with 52 yards on 14 carries. His 15-yard run was the longest the Steelers have given up all season. As long as he is starting Benson makes a decent flex start this week against the Texans.
Leon Washington (Jets) – Rushed for his first TD of the season against the Raiders yesterday. He recorded 19 rushing yards and caught three passes for 21 yards. He has a favorable matchup against a Chiefs defense that allowed 332 rushing yards to the Titans last week.
Patrick Cobbs (Dolphins) – In Week 6 Cobbs caught three passes for 128 yards and two TDs. Last week he led all Dolphin running backs with 67 total yards. He caught five balls out of the backfield for 64 yard…

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