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There are two different grades of sandpaper: commercial and industrial.  You can buy the commercial grade at your local hardware store.  The industrial strength, which is what we’re going to need here, is going to have to be ordered.  Once you’ve done that, I’d say a really coarse grit like 40, go ahead and sand down the top part of your thighs.  If you’ve done it right there should be a little blood and every time you walk for the next week or so there will be a sharp stinging sensation.  If you’re not into torturing yourself in such a prolonged manner, just watch a replay of the Jets game at Oakland.  I’m warning you in advance, industrial strength sandpaper’s got nothing on the Jets.  That s#@t was rough yo.

When the offense came out in a spread formation it was not only novel, it was effective.  We moved the ball down the field, yes, but it seemed that in order for Favre to deliver the ball he was going to have to take a hit.  Favre sandwiches suck to watch and those looked painful.  Lucky for me (and Favre), after a few drives, they took the spread formation off the front burner.  The Jets moved the ball well but just couldn’t put up the points they needed.  Thomas Jones ended up with a ton of yardage on the ground (156) – it seemed like every time he touched the ball early it was for 15 yards.

The Jets once again seemed to be using their ever expanding playbook with direct snaps and reverses and double-playaction pump-fake pitches.  You’re going to hear it first right here- the flea flicker is coming soon.  Probably next week against the Chiefs and yes I will place a wager on it.  I can’t help but hope that Brian Schottenheimer is using the easy part of the schedule to practice the intricacies of what will one day be a complete offense.  The Raiders defense stopped Favre from dropping long range tactical nukes on them and seemed to have one other singular focus.  To hurt our 39 year old quarterback.

The Jets defense looked great for the most part.  They kept us in the game and continually stopped the Raiders from scoring touchdowns.  In case you haven’t noticed, Kris Jenkins is a beast.  Favre put it best though, “Our defense, I know we kept putting them in awkward positions all day.”  At some point Gang Green is going to allow the opposition a few points.  The 13 points the Raiders put up should have been easily outscored by our offense.  If you can’t score 14 on Oakland, what are you going to do against Tennessee?  Luckily for us, that question will be answered in just two short weeks.  Ughh… I think I need some tums.

What’s funny (or I think I mean really crappy) about the game was that had it not been for our special teams we probably would have dodged this well-deserved loss.  You already know I’m a huge Leon Washington fan but his whiffed punt is inexcusable.  Team morality takes a serious cut-block when the defense holds the other team to a punt which is dropped conveniently on the 16 yard line.  The good news is that Leon probably won’t let another ball hit the ground for a long time to come.  Speaking of punts, that fake punt the Raiders pulled off was a huge momentum swing and probably the final nail in the coffin.  I realize how much football was played after that but instead of driving for the win, Favre was driving for a tie.  Which sucks.

If there are positives I’m not going to talk about them right now.  There are games we should win and games that make you want to head butt the wall when you lose.  Let’s just say I now know my walls aren’t really that thin after all, my neighbors are just extremely loud.  The Jets looked flat.  At first I thought maybe the flight to the West Coast had messed up some type of football equilibrium between Favre and his receivers.  But if we’re the Jets, and we can’t win a game where we have to take a plane somewhere maybe we should think a little harder about those Titans throwbacks.

Bad football is hard to watch and much of Sunday’s game was worse than bad.  It was plain ole’ rough.  Rough on the eyes, rough on the stomach, rough on the 39 year old quarterback.  I guarantee you Favre would take a 40 grit rub down over another one of these losses any day.

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  1. 1 On October 20th, 2008, gozer said:

    I hope Kellen Clemens is learning something out of all this. If Favre isn’t going to lead this team to the playoffs, the organization at least needs to make a call on Clemens and whether management needs to address the quarterback situation in the offseason.

  2. 2 On October 20th, 2008, Christopher Lee said:

    We’ve gotta run up the score against the Chiefs

  3. 3 On October 21st, 2008, Larry Love said:

    False Hope is far worse then no hope.A typical foul Jet loss that shows a lack of chemistry and once again coaching.Forget about the sand paper,just get some plain old steel wool and start in the spot where GANG EFFIN GREEN has once again ripped out your heart.An utter waste and another example of poor coaching on Mangini’s part and his inability to adjust and have his team focused and ready to play and defeat what should have been an inferior opponent.Oh those Jets with there $400,000 PSL’s,(no really two PSL’S just sold at auction for this price)they now come with complementary Steel Wool.Thanks Woody.Cause If Old #4 cant save them then Just put the team down,sell them and Lets start fresh with a new Franchise and Clean slate In NY,not NJ.I am utterly disgusted and if you want to make some profit off of this then invest in steel because it may all soon be gone.

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