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Much is being made of the less-than-anticipated matchup of the Rays vs. the Phillies in the World Series. In a recent survey of things Americans are craving, that showdown came in right behind: a recession, more movies by the two Coreys and another season of Joey. But there’s a bigger problem. If the Series goes seven games, with each game lasting about three-and-a-half hours, that’s 24-and-a-half hours. So that means I have to be locked in a room listening to Tim McCarver and Joe Buck for 24-and-a-half hours. That’s punishment I wouldn’t wish on anybody. I think I’ll watch Drinking and Driving With the Stars over on ABC instead. Upcoming guests include Joba Chamberlain and Tony LaRussa. (The answers to the quiz will be posted tomorrow.)

1. What year was the first World Series played?

2. Who has hit the most World Series home runs?

3. The Yankees have won the most World Series (26). What team is second?

4. Who has pitched in the most World Series games?

5. Who has relieved in the most World Series games?

6. Two players share the highest career World Series average (minimum 50 at-bats). Who are they?

7. Two pitchers have hit two career World Series home runs. Who are they?

8. Who is the only player to get five hits in a World Series game?

9. Three players have won the World Series MVP twice (the award was first given out in 1955). Name them.

10. How many combined World Series titles have New York teams won?

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