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U-G-L-Y- You ain’t got no Alibi!  You Ugly! You Ugly!  Yo Mama Say You Ugly! You Ugly!  You Ugly!

Sometimes a picture just says it all.  Like this one.  It says, “I…. can’t…. breathe….Put… me… down….”  Fitting that this is what Favre gets after throwing a game winning touchdown.  Somehow the Jets emerged victorious Sunday but it was very ugly. “How ugly was it,” you ask?

That win was sooo ugly its shadow quit.

That win was sooo ugly it made Frankenstein’s dog go “Dang.”

That win was sooo ugly, Rice Crispies won’t even talk to it.

That win was sooo ugly it reminded me of Taco Bell-  When people saw it they ran for the border.

That win was sooo ugly it got 7 years of bad luck just for trying to look in the mirror.

That win was soooo ugly, it looked like she was bobbing for french fries.  So, that one didn’t make much sense but if you put the ‘Yo mama” part back in I think it creates quite the image.

After three seasons of watching football teams coached by Eric Mangini, I’m starting to think that he might not be a good coach.  There have been red flags in previous games but none as bad (or as recent) as this.  In a game which should have been a gimme the Jets looked unfocused.  The penalties are Mangini’s fault.  His players should know by now that Favre uses a strong cadence.  The interceptions?  They’re Mangini’s fault too.  Why did we come out flinging the ball around like Warren Moon in the Run’ n Shoot when the Chiefs’ run defense couldn’t stop a stiff breeze?  Our running game looked like an afterthought and even then we got 135 yards on the ground.  For the most part our team looked terrible.  Disjointed. Clunky.  Unfocused (big time). Underachieving.  We didn’t deserve to win that game and if it weren’t for Leon Washington we were dead in the water against the worst team in the league.

The second Leon touches the ball he explodes forward;  he looks like a human cannonball at the circus.    Sunday he logged in 274 yards and two touchdowns.  The smallest man on the team continually steps up and keeps us in games.  Mangini needs to take Washington out to a fancy meal this week.  He very well might be the only reason Mangini still has a job.

The offense looked worse than it did in week 1.  After watching Favre stink up the game for three quarters I was actually starting to hope for Kellen Clemens to come in and stop the interception-blood-letting. Then I see Favre in the middle of a scrum on the one yard line trying to push Thomas Jones into the end zone and remember who our quarterback is.  He’s a 39 year old man who has never missed a start; he’s a 39 year old who is getting the ever-loving crap kicked out of him behind our underachieving offensive line; he’s a 39 year old with more bruises that hurt worse than ever before; and he’s a 39 year old man who, with a smile on his face,  will gladly dive into a pack of 300 pound beasts slugging it out if it might help his running back score 6 points.  This is the man I would go into battle with.  Did you see him blocking on Brad Smith’s pass attempt?  We were losing to the worst team in the league and I couldn’t help but clap and cheer.   The play was a bust but there was heart on that football field. What more can you ask for?

Well, how about a balanced offensive attack next week against Buffalo for starters?  Is it possible that Mangini and Tannenbaum are waaaaaaaaay over-thinking things?  You know, “Well, they can’t stop the run, so we’ll pass and they won’t be expecting it.”  If they can’t stop the run, then it doesn’t matter if they’re expecting it or not.  Just cram the ball down their throats!  Buffalo is right now allowing 99.3 yards a game on the ground and 203 in the air.   That ranks their defense 13th both against the pass and the run.  Odd coincidence or harbinger of doom for the Bills?  Next weekend is Halloween weekend. Speaking of bad luck and witchcraft… the Jets are into Voodoo these days. Read it and jump in.  Congregation is fun.

I’m leaving you with this little comment about everybody’s favorite little Green Gummi Bear.  Keep pouring it on big fella!

“I know a lot of people look at Leon and look at his size. That’s a big man — just the rest of his body is invisible.”- Kris Jenkins

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  1. 1 On October 28th, 2008, Larry Luv said:

    This win was sooooooo ugly the leprechauns were giving back there meade and giving the gold away at the end of the rainbow.Ya know I agree that Mangini may not be able to coach he just blamed his receiver for the 3 and 2 interception,how about blaming yourself,run the ball dont get the first then kick the field goal and your up by a touchdown late in the 4th.Brett is catching to much flack for these bad calls.All I can say is this, as much as i want this culture of “Snatching Defeat from the Jaws Of Victory” that the Jets are so adept at to disappear.In The words of the Late Great fictional Sherlock Holmes who still could not stay away after faking his death at Rickenback Falls”…When You have eliminated The impossible,whatever remains however improbable must be the truth?…” We find out on Sunday if that “truth” is our head coach.

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