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With the beginning of basketball season comes a fresh start for the thankfully-Isiah-Thomas-less New York Knicks. See how much you know about this (once-)storied franchise. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. How many times have the Knicks been in the NBA finals?

2. Who holds the single-season points-per-game record for the Knicks?

3. Who has played the most career games at forward for the Knicks?

4. Who has made the most career three-pointers?

5. Who had the highest single-season free-throw percentage?

6. Who has the most career offensive rebounds?

7. Which guard has the most career total rebounds?

8. Who holds the single-season assists record for the Knicks?

9. Red Holzman helmed the team longer than any other Knicks coach (14 seasons). Who is second?

10. Who in their right mind would ever hire Isiah Thomas to run the Knicks?

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