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Friday, October 31st, 2008

Hardcore Mets fans, you might want to avert your eyes. Everybody else, this is something you should check out.

This here is my buddy’s log book of every game the Phillies played in 2008 season summarized in one sentence or at least something that almost resembles a sentence.  I had no idea that this artifact even existed until after the Phils won game 5.  The dude was going nuts high fiving, drinking champagne out of a bottle, taking pictures with a dead stingray (seriously), and then he remembered his log.  Turns out he watched every game last season, which is an achievement in itself, then he wrote down what happened.  Maybe a little strange? Certainly.  Now that the Phillies are the “2008 World Champions of Baseball” this logbook is something he’s going to hang on to forever and show his grand kids. Hey, it’s Philladelphia-  I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing ended up in a museum.

There is definitely some Philly fan-code going on here….

Jets Rumors & News

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the Hot Stove Player of the Week award. With basketball season under way, we now have seven teams to choose from. This week’s prize will be a perfectly rendered painting by a professional sports artist of the winner in action (ok, it’s a crayon drawing by my daughter on the back of a take-out menu). As always, the winner can pick up his prize at his own time and expense.
Leon Washington: The Jets beat the Chiefs on Sunday. Barely. And the main reason was Leon Washington. He rushed for 67 yards on three carries. He caught three passes for 34 yards. He returned three punts for 71 yards (including a 37-yard return, which set up the winning TD). He returned four kickoffs for 102 yards. He scored a rushing touchdown. He caught a TD pass. He …

The Nikolai Zherdev Show (Rangers Win Again)

Rangers Rumors & News

For the third game in a row, the Rangers best period was the third. And for the third game in a row, it had to be. They keep things close for the first two periods and turn it on at the end. And the catalyst yet again was Nikolai Zherdev. He showcased his skills while leading the team to a 3-2 win over Atlanta (and yes, the Thrashers again lead the league in worst uniform/name combination).
With the game tied at one in the third and the Rangers on the power play, Zherdev jumped on a loose puck, dipsy-doodled his way to the crease and backhanded the puck into the top corner of the net to give New York the lead. It was a thing of beauty. After Atlanta tied it up, Zherdev was at it again when he swept behind the net with the puck, eluding a defenseman like a sane person running …

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