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See how much you know about the history of the tri-state area’s other basketball team. They’ve played in Long Island, New Jersey and (soon?) Brooklyn. Look out, Connecticut, it’ll be your turn in 10 or 20 years. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. When the Nets first joined the ABA, what was their name?

2. Who was the Nets coach when they joined the NBA?

3. Who has played in the most career games for the Nets?

4. Buck Williams has the most career points for the Nets. Who is second?

5. Who has made the most career three-pointers for the Nets?

6. Who holds the single-season points-per-game record for the franchise?

7. Jason Kidd holds the franchise record for assists (4,620). Who is second?

8. How many seasons did Dr. J play for the Nets?

9. Who holds the franchise record for blocked shots?

10. Who holds the single-season rebounds-per-game record?

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