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Despite all of the recent balks by both the New York Mets’ front office and Francisco Rodriguez’s agent Paul Kinzer, when it is all said and done, K-Rod will be a New York Met.

K-Rod’s team is currently looking for a five year contract at $15 million plus per season. And the Mets are said to be offering just a three year deal.

You can understand the Mets front office being a little hesitant in committing a large sum of money and contract years to a closer after Billy Wagner broke down just last season. However, Wagner was 37 when he suffered a possibly career ending injury. K-Rod is only 26 now and will be just 27 at the beginning of the 2009 season.

Rodriguez has averaged 74 innings a year for the last 6 seasons and does have one of the most violent windups in baseball. But his numbers and consistency have been simply staggering as he has not even reached his prime years yet.

And after sporting a 4.27 bullpen ERA in 2008 to go along with 28 blown saves, the Mets would welcome what could be the missing piece toward a championship run.

K-Rod would bring career stats of 208 saves, a 2.35 ERA, a strike out to walk ratio of almost 3 to 1, 146 less hits than innings pitched and most importantly a swagger at the end of games that New York fans would love.

So now it is up to you Omar Minaya. Do the right thing and offer K-Rod four years at $15 million per season. You can thank me next October.

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