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Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz.

1. Sammy Bough was first coach of the New York Titans/Jets.

2. Bob Folwell coached the Giants in their debut season of 1925.

3. Weeb Ewbank was the longest-tenured coach of the Jets. He led the team from 1963 to 1973.

4. Steve Owen was the longest-tenured coach of the Giants (1931-1953).

5. Lou Holtz coached the Jets for only 13 games in 1976 before resigning.

6. Bill Parcells replaced Ray Perkins in 1983.

7. Charley Winner replaced Weeb Ewbank as coach of the Jets in 1974.

8. Alex Webster played running back for the Giants (1955-1964) and coached the team (1969-1973).

9. Al Groh coached the Jets the one season (2000) between Bill Parcells and Herman Edwards.

10. Bill Parcells enjoyed bullying reporters more than he enjoys eating.

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