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Friday, November 28th, 2008
Yankees Rumors & News

The NY Post reported that 2B Robinson Cano is working out down in the Dominican Republic and is chiseling up for the 2009 season.

Amazing what some trade rumors and the possible free agent signing of 2B Orlando Hudson can do for a little motivation huh?

After three impressive first years with the Yankees since his rookie year in 2005, Cano’s numbers dropped in just about every major category last year:   

At Bats: 617 to 597
Runs: 93 to 70
Hits: 189 to 162
Doubles: 41 to 35
Triples: 7 to 3
Home Runs: 19 to 14
RBI: 97 to 72
BB: 39 to 26
Steals: 4 to 2
AVG: .306 to .271
OBP: .353 to .305

The only statistical category in which Cano improved was his strikeout total which decreased from 85 to 65.

There is no question, that Cano possesses the hitting ability to become a batting champion as he has good power to all fields and the ability to hit with two strikes. However, if he does …

Hot Stove Player of the Week: Domenik Hixon

Giants Rumors & News

It’s Black Friday. You probably woke up this morning on the living room floor under a pile of gnawed-off turkey legs and empty beer cans. You were going to go shopping, but screw it, that’s what Christmas Eve is for. Sometime this weekend you’ll get around to putting up the Christmas lights Griswold-style. But first, let’s take a timeout for the Hot Stove Player of the Week. In honor of Thanksgiving, this week’s prize is a chance for the winner to give thanks for what he has and give back to the community – by raking my leaves and taking out the garbage. Congratulations.


Domenik Hixon: The Giants answer to Leon Washington, Hixon was all over the field in their victory over Arizona. He returned three kickoffs for 180 yards, including an 83-yarder and one for 68 yards. With Plaxico Burress out with a barking hammy, Hixon moved into his spot and caught six passes for 57 yards. He gained 11 yards rushing on an end-around. And he …

Jets Rumors & News

Speechless.  I expected a hard fought game.  I expected a low scoring affair.  Favre was going to get hit hard and sacked often.  Running the ball would be difficult.  Kerry Collins would have a monster game.  The previous sentence is a joke… I never expected Kerry Collins to have a good game.  I also never expected the Jets to come in and manhandle the undefeated Titans.

It looked like a lopsided arm wrestling match.  You know, for the briefest of moments the outcome is in doubt.  Then, WHAM!  one trucker slams the other trucker’s hand down on the table.  They quickly reposition and rematch or rewrestle or whatever they call it.  WHAM!  Hats are turned around!  WHAM!  They even go as far as to switch arms.  WHAM!  WHAM! WHAM! The same result every time.  The trucker with the green hat is just plain stronger than the other dude.

This Jets appeared far superior to the Titans in all fazes of the game.  Our offense put up points, our …

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