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Monday, December 1st, 2008
Jets Rumors & News

This is not a recap of the Jets loss to the Broncos.  This is not an analysis of what the Jets did wrong or what the Broncos did right.  I’m not going to discuss the effect this game had on the Jets’ playoff picture.  The next few paragraphs will be me ranting about some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen.  I will be moaning about a bunch of jacka#% referees.  A bunch of fat, blind, monkey heads who couldn’t call a barn “red.”  A bunch of zebra-looking crooks who must have taken a bribe.  Nim-wits. Wanna be’s.  Puppy kickers.  Enemies of happiness.  Commie bastards.

I just thought you should know ahead of time.  Give you a little heads up before we get into it, you know?

What about that play is unchallengeable?  I know that you can challenge whether there was a fumble or not.  I also know you can challenge whether a player had possession of the ball or not.  So when the ref  says, “The …

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