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This is not a recap of the Jets loss to the Broncos.  This is not an analysis of what the Jets did wrong or what the Broncos did right.  I’m not going to discuss the effect this game had on the Jets’ playoff picture.  The next few paragraphs will be me ranting about some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen.  I will be moaning about a bunch of jacka#% referees.  A bunch of fat, blind, monkey heads who couldn’t call a barn “red.”  A bunch of zebra-looking crooks who must have taken a bribe.  Nim-wits. Wanna be’s.  Puppy kickers.  Enemies of happiness.  Commie bastards.

I just thought you should know ahead of time.  Give you a little heads up before we get into it, you know?

What about that play is unchallengeable?  I know that you can challenge whether there was a fumble or not.  I also know you can challenge whether a player had possession of the ball or not.  So when the ref  says, “The call on the field is not reviewable…”  he should have just said  “The call on the field was wrong but it’s raining really hard so Mangini should give us and the Broncos a break.  It’s only seven points.” Up yours Mr. Referee!  The point of the challenge is to help make up for human error.  I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t want to review the play but you decided it was unreviewable and from that point on you doomed the Jets to playing from behind in the nastiest conditions I’ve ever sat through (this one would have impressed Noah). The NFL owes us an explanation.  This isn’t like Polamalu’s touchdown being erroneously nullified.  The Jets got screwed during the first quarter and it is a huge f@#k up.

The refs were so bad Mike Shannahan took advantage of them.  He coached his players into faking injuries to prevent Favre from running a no huddle offense.  During the 3rd quarter the Jets offense was moving the ball down the field gaining huge chunks of yardage.  In between every single play there was a Bronco on the ground faking an injury and stopping the Jets from snapping the ball.  This is inexcusable for the NFL to allow.  The Broncos looked like a bunch of Italian soccer players holding their shins and calling for their moms.  It’s not like they went to the locker room.  They acted like they were hurt, stopped the momentum, and were back on the field in the same series.  This is tackle football!  American tackle football!  And Mike Shannahan is a D-o-u-c-he Bag.  Thanks Mr. Shanahan… way to make the NFL suck like a Portuguese striker trying to get a call.  Ya jerk.

Speaking of sucking, the Jets blew.  Our defense couldn’t stop a stiff breeze. Favre struggled, Cotchery couldn’t hang on to the ball (apparently), our coaches took the short bus to the game, and after the first quarter we forgot how to run the ball.

The Broncos have now moved up on my list of “Teams I love to watch lose.”  They are now the new #2.


  1. 1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. 2. Denver Broncos (moved up from number 5- nerdiest fans in the NFL- “In-com-plete,” come on)
  3. 3. New England Patriots
  4. 4. Miami Dolphins (still the most obnoxious fans in the bar- any bar, anywhere)
  5. 5. Tennessee Titans (RIP Houston Oilers)

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  1. 1 On December 4th, 2008, Larry Luv said:

    OUTPLAYED OUTCOACHED OUT CALLED(REFS).SO NOW WE FIND OUT WHAT WE ARE MADE OF.”Bud I like you.Just remember something.Man looks in the abyss,theres nothing staring back at him.At that moment man finds his character and that is what keeps him out of the abyss…The famous words of Lou Mannheim as portrayed by Hal Hollbrook in “WALL STREET”…Applicable for our JETS.

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