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81706719NL011_PHILADELPHIA_See how much you know about members of this year’s New York Giants. The answers will be posted tomorrow.


1. What round did the Giants select Brandon Jacobs in the 2005 draft?


2. What college did Ahmad Bradshaw attend? 


3. Which Giant was taken by the Denver Broncos in the fourth round of the 2006 draft? 


4. Brandon Jacobs leads the team in touchdowns this year, with 12. Who is second? 


5. Besides John Carney and Jeff Feagles, who is the oldest Giant?


6. Who is the only member of the 2008 Giants to have gone to Rutgers?


7. Which 2008 Giant was born in Scotland?


8. Which 2008 Giant has the most career sacks?


9. Which 2008 Giant has the most career interceptions?


10. Which 2008 Giant weighs the most?

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