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Saturday, December 20th, 2008
Jets Rumors & News

Anxiety for Jets fans is running high these days.  I spent half of my time behind the bar last night commiserating with customers hashing out our dire situation.  Dire because history tells us the Jets are going to fold like a totem pole made of cards when the Jets face the Seahawks.  In reality, the Jets are sitting pretty .

The abused puppy syndrome is running rampant throughout our ranks and causing us to lose focus on the real situation. Remember back when Favre first got here and we were all expecting him to get crushed between our patchwork line?  We didn’t know if he’d make it through one game much less the whole season.  The hope was a Wild Card birth:  the Patriots looked untouchable,  Thomas Jones looked suspect.  Would Favre and Coles ever get along?

Now, here we are in December sitting in 1st place with two easy games ahead of us and everyone I talked to last night drank their half full beers and cowered from …

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