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Sunday, December 28th, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Giants vs. Vikings

Giants Rumors & News

The Giants had nothing to play for in this game, played most of the second half with backups and still almost pulled out a win against the desperate Vikings (though with Chicago’s loss it turned out the Vikes weren’t desperate after all – but they didn’t know that until they won). The Jints lost on a last-second field goal, 20-19, with Brandon Jacobs, Kevin Boss, Barry Cofield and Aaron Ross taking the day off to get an extra week of rest.

The Good

None of the starters suffered a serious injury. That’s the most important thing that can come out of this game. You never want to go into the playoffs on cruise control, but last week’s battle with Carolina was the last big test and the game that got them on the right track for the postseason. The Giants won’t even remember this game in Minnesota. Eli Manning only played the first half and came out alive. He was 11 for 19 and threw for 119 yards, …

Rangers Fall to Devils

Rangers Rumors & News

The Rangers lost their third game in a row, falling to the Devils, 4-2. And in those three games they’ve managed to lose three different ways. They outplayed San Jose, but just couldn’t score enough. The Washington loss was a disaster, debacle, or whatever adjective you want to use, when they coughed up a four-goal lead. And last night vs. New Jersey, they were sloppy, undisciplined and turned the puck over – all the usual Rangers trademarks.

What’s the Rangers’ problem? Is it coaching? Is it personnel? Or all of the above? The Devils are disciplined, well-coached and always do the right thing with the puck. The Rangers get off their game plan at the first sign of trouble. You can dangle a shiny set of keys in front of them and away they go, turning the puck over, trying to make too many individual plays and not playing a simple brand of hockey. When they win, they dump the puck in, outwork their opponent, forecheck aggressively …

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