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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

Could someone please explain to me why on Earth the Jets are so attached to Brian Schottenheimer? The offense stunk it up the final five games and the play calling was atrocious all season long.

I’ll never forget sitting in the freezing rain/hail storm watching the Jets take the field aganst the Denver Broncos.  Nastiest conditions I’ve ever sat through, the hot chocolate was luke warm.  Everything was frozen and slippery.

What did the Jets do on their first posession?  Double reverse pitch to Cotchery who naturally fumbles the ball to the Broncos.  That’s a tricky play indoors under the best of conditions but during a Biblical rainstorm it belongs in the playbook to be pulled out another day.  I know that.  You know that.  How come the Offensive coordinator who’s getting paid boatloads of cash doesn’t know that?

That’s just one glaring example in a season where the awful playcalling was one of the few consistencies the Jets had to offer.  The front …

Hot Stove NY Rangers Goalie Quiz

Rangers Rumors & News

The New York Rangers have had some great goalies, colorful goalies and groundbreaking goalies. See how much you know about the guys who get 100-mile-an-hour frozen pucks shot at their heads – and like it. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. How many career wins does Mike Richter have?

2. Which goalie has the most career losses for the Rangers?

3. How many Vezina Trophies have the Rangers won?

4. Which two goalies share the Rangers single-season record for games played?

5. Which Ranger goalie has the most career shutouts?

6. Who was the last Ranger goalie to wear #35 before Richter?

7. Which former Ranger was the first NHL goalie to wear a baseball-style glove on his catching hand?

8. Who has the single-season record for wins?

9. Which Ranger coach had to put himself in as goalie due to an injury to the starter in the Stanley Cup finals?

10. When asked by a reporter what team gave him the most trouble, which Ranger goalie replied, “The New York Rangers”?

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