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arnold747438sa0The Patriots at 11-5 were barred from the playoffs in dramatic style and as I prepare to watch several species of birds try to take out the Pittsburgh Steelers I would like to revisit week 16 for one brief moment. As much as it sucked to lose to the Dolphins, I’m now taking pleasure in the way we brought New England down with us.

It reminded me of an action movie from the 80’s.  You know, where the good guy wraps his arms and legs koala-style around the big bad monster.  Face to face, human and demon (or Alien or monster or whatever), sweaty, huffing and puffing…that’s when our hero reveals the pin he’s already pulled from the grenade in his jacket.  Finally, horror on the bad dudes face!

And from our hero (let’s call him Jericho)? Only these words uttered in a sand paper whisper, “I’ll see you in hell”

BOOM! The explosion sends debris everywhere- dirt clods, paper, filing cabinets (?), Alien guts… Our hero has sacrificed himself to take down evil incarnate so that humanity might continue…

I don’t think we, as Jets fans, can comprehend what it would feel like to go 11-5 and still not make the playoffs.  Could you imagine?  And then to have to root for the Jets who just stunk it up to high hell in the second half… somewhere Lady Karma is still rolling on the floor laughing at the Patriots.  Need more proof than their record?  OK.  Here’s a clip from Jeopardy I saw on theJetsBlog.  Click on it Jets fans.  You’ll like it.


He said hissy-fit, yo

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