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Just as the New Year began, the NFL declared that the Pro Bowl would be moving from Honolulu to Miami.

And while nobody can really argue with this decision, one can definitely ask why is it being played the week before the Super Bowl?

I agree the NFL has to do something different with the Pro Bowl, but playing the game before the Super Bowl has many more weighted disadvantages than advantages:


— It shortens the trip for players, media and fans.

— Allows a lot of the players who are playing in the Super Bowl and that travel to the Super Bowl to stay in one city.

— Gives fans football between the championship games and the Super Bowl.


— Takes away from the game. Players who made the Pro Bowl but are playing in the Super Bowl will not play as they do not want to risk injury.

— Having the game the week before the Super Bowl will take away from the drama and excitement that leads up to the big game.

— With the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl, it will create possible travel problems/conflicts for the player’s friends/families who are traveling in for the Super Bowl.

The NFL for sure has it right in moving the game and it keeping it in the same location as the Super Bowl, but playing the game before the Super Bowl simply does not make sense.

Play the game the week after the Super Bowl. This will at least give players who are playing in the Super Bowl an opportunity to play in the game. It will also allow players and their families a free week to figure out their travel plans and to also study and plan for the biggest game of their lives.

Leaving it the way it is will not give fans a chance to see the players that they voted into the game, players who should not be there a chance to play and most importantly take away from the Super Bowl itself.

Commissioner Roger Goodell, this is a great first step toward changing the Pro Bowl setup, but let’s hope it is not the last.

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