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After losing out in the Derek Lowe sweepstakes to division rival Atlanta, the status of free agent pitcher Oliver Perez still remains in limbo.

Perez is rumored to want $14 million per year for five years. And so far the Mets have offered him arbitration which protects the team in two ways.

The first being that if Perez signs elsewhere they would receive a first or second round draft pick plus a sandwich pick due to Perez being a type A free agent. And the second being that if Perez does accept salary arbitration, that the Mets would be able to sign him for a little more than the $6.5 million that he made last season.

Unfortunately for the Mets, the first option seems more a reality right now as they want to commit less years and less money to Perez.  

Being that Perez is only 27 years old, a lefty and a proven big game pitcher, I would not be worried to commit five years to him. The problem is $14 million per year.

Perez was only 10-7 last year and can frequently be wild. But his upside can surely not be ignored.

Both Perez and his agent Scott Boras, need to recognize that Perez belongs in New York. New York offers Perez the big game setting that he likes and most importantly his best chance to win.

So Perez do yourself a favor. Tell Boras you will take $10 to $12 million a year if the Mets commit to a five year contract.

Then you can sit back, watch the Mets gladly accept and look forward to pitching in a rotation that would include yourself, possibly Ben Sheets or another free agent, Johan Santana, John Maine, and Mike Pelfrey.

With that rotation and Francisco Rodriguez now closing games for the Mets, the Mets could almost assure themselves for many years one of the best shots in all of baseball to win the World Series.

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  1. 1 On January 19th, 2009, Rob Abruzzese said:

    The Mets don’t get a 1st, 2nd, and supplemental pick. They get a first and supplemental pick.

    Also I think you are severly overestimating the Mets roster. They’re more like a third place team right now than any kind of World Series contender. You shouldn’t assume that they could sign Sheets.

  2. 2 On January 19th, 2009, gozer said:

    Third place behind who exactly? That’s just a silly comment by an Anti-Mets fan. And of course they could sign Sheets, but like every team in baseball, they’re scared of his elbow and shoulder. Regardless, I’d be surprised if the Mets were able or even interested in adding both Sheets and Perez. I think it’s one or the other. The organization seems pretty committed to let Redding and Niese duke it out for the 5th spot.

  3. 3 On January 20th, 2009, Rob Abruzzese said:

    Just like when you said it was silly a year ago when I said the Mets wouldn’t make the playoffs?

    I’m not a anti-Mets fan. I’m a realist. As it stands right now I firmly believe the Braves have a better team. That’s right, they’re no longer competing with the Phillies, it’s them and the Braves and a few other West and Central teams competing for the Wild Card.

    Look, Redding makes the Mets a worse team. You can’t add garbage and expect to compete. They still need 2 starters and an impact bat. Delgado is going to regress even further this season.

  4. 4 On January 21st, 2009, gozer said:

    Did the Braves just get Jake Peavy and I missed it? Didn’t Larry Jones miss 30 games last season? Didn’t Jeff Francoeur hit .239? Didn’t Carlos Delgado belt 38 homers and drive in 115 last season? Didn’t the Mets take a weak bullpen this offseason and turn it into one of the strengths of their roster?

    Fans from the outside try to lump the ’07 and ’08 Mets together, but any Mets fan will tell you that they felt great about their team in the second-half under Jerry Manuel and they’re looking forward to seeing what damage they can do over a 162-game schedule. They’ve won 88 and 89 games in the last two seasons and have upgraded their roster without subtracting anything in the offseason. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be thinking about 90-95 wins this season, and it’s difficult for me to believe that both the Phillies and Braves are going to be neck-and-neck with them in that 90-95 range.

    To be honest, when you said they were a third place team, I thought maybe you were putting the Marlins ahead of them. I mean, at least the Marlins have good young players. The Braves have won 79, 84, and 72 games in the last three seasons. If you can look at either the Braves and Marlins and project that they’re going to compete with the Mets this season, then you’re drinking Anti-Met kool-aid and wearing Anti-Met shades.

    Maybe Atlanta’s got some tricks up their sleeves before spring training and in a couple of months they’ll concern me a bit more. But if you look at their team today, they’re not any good.

  5. 5 On January 22nd, 2009, Rob Abruzzese said:

    I’m not anti-Met. I’m just being realistic.
    If you don’t think that a 36-year-old guy who had a .784 OPS at the all-star break last year isn’t well into his decline faze I can’t help you. I know he had a monster second half, but that’s what happens to older players, they become increasingly streaky.

    Fernando Tatis?

    The Met’s bullpen isn’t really that improved. They had a better closer last season. They got Putz, but Heilman is gone. So you are getting a worse closer and a better setup man and that’s all they need to do to fix their bullpen?

    Johan Santana is good. John Maine is ok, but if you think that anyone outside of NY thinks he’s all that good you are kidding yourself. Pelfrey was good, but he’s still young and he put a ton of stress on his arm last season. Expect him to be inconsistent this year. Besides that? Redding makes them worse and they don’t have a proper fifth starter.

    If the Mets don’t make any more deals they will not make the playoffs. I was sure when I said the same thing last year and I’m sure now. This team isn’t good enough.

  6. 6 On January 22nd, 2009, Chad Matejicka said:

    There is no question that Carlos Delgado is seriously on the decline as I thought he was shot mid last year. Who knows playing for his contract this year must have given him his 2nd half motivation last year.

    But the Mets are clearly better than they were last year. Yes, they have issues at 2B, a declining Delgado at 1B, but their bullpen was what cost them last year. If the bullpen was able to close half the games they blew, the Phillies would have never made the playoffs.

    Heilman is gone, but Duaner Sanchez (hopefully a bit more healthy), Pedro Feliciano, J.J. Putz, and K-Rod is a complete upgrade from the cast of characters that were pitching last year with leads.

    They have holes (corner OF, 2B, Ollie Perez situation, adding another starter), but they will be better than last year and their management will add the pieces that need to be addressed.

    And this is coming from a Yankee fan.

    Who knows, Gozer might be playing 2B

  7. 7 On January 22nd, 2009, Rob Abruzzese said:

    I don’t see what me being a Yankee fan has anything to do with this. I’m not being Anti-Met. I’m being realistic.

    The bullpen isn’t that much better.
    Heilman is gone, he had leg injuries last year, but he was a good reliever. Losing him is a bad thing. They added Putz to make up for that. Putz is better so the bullpen is better.
    Wagner is gone this year. They got Rodriguez to replace him, Rodriguez is good, overrated but good. Wagner was better. So they got worse.
    They also lost Joe Smith, who wasn’t great, but certainly was serviceable, they got worse.
    There is no realistic reason to believe Pedro Feliciano and Duaner Sanchez are going to be better.
    They lost Scott Schoeneweis, who was terrible or good, depends on who you talk to.

    I must be missing something here because the two of you are so sure that this bullpen is way better. To me this bullpen is about the same, maybe slightly better.

  8. 8 On January 22nd, 2009, The Keymaster said:

    Big Rob,
    I am a realist. You my friend, are a hater. Johan Santana is good? He’s great. Wagner is not better than Putz or K-Rod, so that comment is just plain wrong. Delgado is indeed on the decline. Beltran is still in his prime and somehow is one of the more under-appreciated superstars in baseball. How many CF can you pencil in for .280 30 HR 110 RBI 110 R and a gold glove? Wright and Reyes both haven’t even hit their primes yet. Is Ryan Church going to continue to have fluky concussions? Doubtful unless he starts playing WR for the Jets. There are plenty of holes, namely catcher, left field, second base, and starting pitcher. But this is all useless to talk about until the offseason is over. The Mets will make 2-3 more moves to make all this chatter worth the paper it’s not printed on. So take out the ski masks, get the white envelopes out, and enjoy the show. It’s pudding time daddy! Who’s the keymaster? You are looking at him pops.

  9. 9 On January 22nd, 2009, Rob Abruzzese said:

    Santana is great, maybe the best in baseball. Aside from Sizemore Beltran is the best center fielder in baseball. Wright and Reyes are both amazing. Church should have a very good year.

    But their bullpen has not become a strength of theirs. Wagner is better than Rodriguez. Same ERA and BAA, Wagner has a better WHIP and Wagner isn’t losing velocity like Joba is pounding beers. Getting KRod has not been an improvement.

    Mets fans should stop assuming that they’ve already signed Perez or Sheets or both. They also have to understand their bullpen is only slightly better. Also a SS, 3B, CF, and RF do not a lineup make. Have fun rooting for Redding.

  10. 10 On January 22nd, 2009, gozer said:

    Incidentally, don’t morph this into a conversation on whether or not we can expect the Mets to make the playoffs. In a division that boasts the World Series champs, it’d be foolish to make any sort of proclamations. What I don’t understand is the case for the Braves leap-frogging the Mets in the standings. I’m not sure they’ll even be in the same stratosphere. The Mets are a 90+ win team this year. I don’t see how you can say the same for Atlanta.

  11. 11 On January 22nd, 2009, The Keymaster said:

    If you honestly think that Billy Wagner is better than K-Rod, than we will just have to agree to disagree. I can’t possibly imagine a scenario where Wagner is equal to K-Rod. K-Rod has pitched his whole career in the AL and comes through in high pressure situations. Any Mets fan will tell you that Billy The Goat seldom came through in high pressure situations. To be honest, I don’t know one person who thinks Wagner is equal to K-Rod. Don’t let the size of his contract or all the whispers out there fool you, he is a MUCH better pitcher than Billy Wagner.

    Also, the Mets did not sign Redding to be their 4. He is their 5th-6th pitcher. But I will root for Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, and someone else. Have fun pounding beers with Joba. Because you must be black out drunk with some of the “points” you have made in this thread. The Phillies just won a World Series with Chris Coste and Pedro Feliz in their lineup. I’m sure the Mets can scratch some runs out. Comments like that remind me of the loser Yankee fans who come to Shea Stadium to root against the Mets. Worry about your own third place team.

  12. 12 On January 28th, 2009, Rich said:

    “I must be missing something here because the two of you are so sure that this bullpen is way better.”

    Yes, you are missing something- that is not up for debate.

    Your arguments cannot be taken seriously when you leave out key facts, such as Wagner being injured/out for half of last year. You think Wagner for half a season is better than K-rod? A healthy Wagner would have equaled the Mets winning the NL East last year, based on the amount of 9th inning blown saves.

    Heilman was good last year? I should have stopped reading your argument right here.

    Redding makes the team worse? Please explain how(assuming they sign another starter) Redding will be worse than the parade of AAA players they had starting for them last year, such as Nelson Figueroa, Brandon Knight and Brian Stokes. Even if he is just as bad as all of them, it won’t be any worse. He may not even win a spot in the rotation, if Freddie Garcia (who your Yankees were trying to sign) can stay healthy.

    I don’t know enough about you to comment on your mental state, but your arguments are seriously lacking any intelligence.

  13. 13 On January 28th, 2009, Rob Abruzzese said:

    First I didn’t say that Heilman was good last year. I said he had a leg injury, but he is a good pitcher. If you aren’t going to read what I write then don’t insult me.

    And the Mets bullpen sucked last year even when Wagner was healthy. So obviously having KRod all year makes them better, but my point is they aren’t as improved as all Mets fans are giving them credit for.

    I’m done with all of this, I just felt like I had to stick up for myself a little. This Mets team is terrible. I guarantee that unless they make some moves here in the final 17 days before pitchers and catchers, this team will not be a playoff team. Redding is just as bad as any AAA starters they could possibly call up. Freddy Garcia doesn’t make the rotation any better either. He was injuried in winter ball this just about a month and a half ago, so he’s not over his injuries.

    It’s so silly that you guys think I’m totally wrong. It just seems crazy to think that you guys have your hopes up over a team with Tatis in left and a rotation with Santana followed by Pelfrey, Maine, Redding and Garcia, with Neise next in line. Even if they did get Perez that’s still a weak rotation.

  14. 14 On January 28th, 2009, Rich said:

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. I think adding Perez makes it a pretty good rotation. The offseason is not over, I’m hoping they will find an upgrade for LF as well.

    I read what you wrote about Heilman, and it does not make sense in terms of your argument. You say “Losing him is a bad thing,” then admit that he was terrible last year. If we are comparing this year’s bullpen with last year’s bullpen, there is absolutely no way you can say that adding Putz over Heilman and K-rod over an injured Wagner does not improve the bullpen immensely.

    The reason you come off as a “hater” is that in every opportunity to give the Mets any benefit of doubt, you do not. There is reason to believe that Duaner Sanchez (he may regain his velocity, he may not) and Pedro Feliciano (coming off the worst season of his career) could be better. But in your eyes, you do not see them. That is fine, just don’t consider yourself unbiased because you are not.

    (P.S. Although I 100% disagree with your views, I respect the fact that you replied.)

  15. 15 On February 2nd, 2009, gozer said:

    Well Perez is finally on board – and at a decent rate too. Three years, $36 million. I’d love to see them add Sheets on an incentive-laden, one-year contract, but naturally the Mets aren’t the only team that would be interested in a guy like Sheets at a bargain rate. In any event, I’m happy with a rotation of Santana, Perez, Maine, and Pelfrey with Jon Niese, Tim Redding, and Freddy Garcia all no doubt contributing innings along the way. Not saying I wouldn’t prefer Sabathia, Wang, Burnett, Joba, Pettitte or Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Penny, Wakefield, but in the NL East, with a superior bullpen, the Mets have done enough to make themselves competitive for the division.

    I would just like to point out, once again, that Rob has subtlety changed his argument here. No one is anointing this team an automatic postseason berth. I could very easily imagine a year in which the Mets win 90+ but still lose out to the defending World Champs. What I can’t fathom, and what started this whole debate, is the idea that the Mets haven’t improved their team, whereas the Braves somehow are poised to leapfrog the Mets in the standings. That is the argument that I think is a bit senseless, Rob. You can scream all you want about the Mets being awful and a lock to miss the postseason. We’ll see. However, if the Mets are once again left on the outside of the playoff picture come next October, it does not vindicate your point unless they literally prove to be a third-place team. That is the point I’m taking issue with and that is the argument that’s at stake.

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