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rexchangeThe Jets officially have a new coach and while his pedigree is fierce, he lacks chops when it comes to head coaching experience. Jets fans got what we wanted- a fire breathing quarterback killer who’s defense promises blitzes from any postition at any time.  We can expect kitchen sinks, safes falling from the sky, cornerbacks hiding behind referees, and hopefully a tenacious ball hawking D.  By all reports Rex Ryan is ecstatic about this opporunity and he floored the front office when he interviewed.  Despite being in the AFC championship game, Ryan not only came in prepared- the man came in with a full on PowerPoint presentation.  The next few weeks will be interesting for Rex, he’s got lots of stuff on his plate to deal with and some of it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

First of all, Rex will have to bring in a new Defensive Coordinator. Bob Sutton‘s been as good as gone for months now and Ryan surely will be bringing in somebody he trusts to build his trademark blitz-happy soon to be Patriot-destroying defense. Since he’s made it sound like this is his dream job, I can only assume Rex already knows who his new coordinator will be.  Interestingly enough, Romeo Crennel is still floating around as a free agent coach after being fired by the Browns.  He’s proven himself to be a great Defensive Coordinator but I think Rex will be tapping someone he’s worked with rather than another big-name defensive mastermind.  Would be interesting though wouldn’t it?  I feared Mangini would team up with the former Browns head coach and further humiliate all of us over here in Jet’s land but it looks like that’s not happening.  He’ll probably find a way to humiliate us all by himself.

What about the Offensive Coordinator?  It makes no sense but by every report I read or see Brian Schottenheimer appears to be returning.  He must have gotten someone in Woody’s family pregnant because otherwise he would have been canned right after the Jets almost lost to the Bills but before the offense didn’t take the field against Seattle.  The only other scenario I could come up with is that maybe Mangini secretly made all the bad play calls last season and let Schotty take the blame.  Maybe Brian’s been telling Woody for the past few years that “there is no Mangenius” and “it’s his fault we keep throwing the ball on 3rd and inches.”  It’s a stretch I know but there is no other explanation why Woody and Tannenbaum are so madly in love with Schottenheimer… they share a serious Bromance those three and I just don’t get it.

rex2Rex also must make some personnel decisions and none of them are more important or immediate than the Brett Favre situation.  Will he retire?  Should he retire?  Does Ryan even care?  Woody, Tannenbaum, and Schotty all have expressed their hope that Brett returns but what if Ryan doesn’t even want him?  On one hand, he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback that never gives up (on a play or his career) and has thrown way more touchdowns than anybody ever.  On the other hand, he looked like dog puke for the final month of the season and has thrown way more interceptions than anybody ever.  It also needs to be said that Rex just finished a run deep into the playoffs with a rookie at the helm of his team’s offense.  What did Coach Ryan learn from that experience?

Once the curtain falls on the Favre situation, Rex will be able to focus on his new baby; our beloved broken 3-4 defense Jets Footballthat just can’t stop the pass and the run during the same season.  He’s going to assess what pieces of the puzzle we do have (Jenkins) and what we need (some serious help in the secondary).   I honestly think this is why Ryan got the job.  According to ESPN, a large part of Ryan’s presentation highlighted Vernon Gholston‘s potential.  Rex seems to think he has the ability to be another Lee Suggs.

The overall message to Jets fans and to the candidates for head coach has been that Woody is looking to win now.  He’s not looking for a coach to come in and start from scratch but instead for someone to come in and work with the infrastructure we have in place.  Rex fits that bill to a D.  By choosing a coach who will embrace our 3-4 Woody’s brought in someone who could conceivably win the AFC East next season.  We’ve got 7 pro-bowlers and Tom Brady’s looking pretty shakey to return next season.  That other QB in the East that everyone likes to throw in Jets fans’ faces?  It was Ryan that engineered Pennington’s 4 interception demise just three weeks ago.

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