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APTOPIX Super Bowl FootballIt’s only five days until the Super Bowl. The surprising Cardinals are going for their first Super Bowl victory, while the Steelers will be looking for a record sixth. See how much you know about America’s biggest game. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. Who was the losing team in the first Super Bowl?

2. Which player has been on the most Super Bowl-winning teams?

3. Who has gained the most career rushing yards in the Super Bowl?

4. Who holds the single-season rushing record in a Super Bowl?

5. The Jets were the first AFL/AFC team to win the Super Bowl. Who was the second?

6. Which QB passed for the highest completion percentage in a single Super Bowl game?

7. Which QB has thrown for the most career yards?

8. Who kicked the longest field goal in Super Bowl history?

9. Who has scored the most career Super Bowl touchdowns?

10. The Buffalo Bills hold the record for most consecutive Super Bowl appearances with four. Which team is second, appearing in three in a row?

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