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82994504JM021_Atlanta_HawksGroundhog Day is only a few days away. And we all know what that means: If Plaxico Burress leaves his house and shoots himself in the leg, it’s six more weeks of winter. And Super Bowl Sunday is just about here. The Giants and Jets disappointed us so we’ll have to look to the other local teams for comfort. The Nets and Knicks are battling for the playoffs (even if it’s the eighth spot, we’ll take it), the Devils and Rangers are atop their division and the Islanders . . . well, four out of five ain’t bad. This week’s prize for the Hot Stove Player of the Week: He gets to write a tell-all book with Tom Verducci.


Nate Robinson: The diminutive sparkplug broke out of his slump in a big way, leading the Knicks to three wins in four games this past week. His team is even in the playoff hunt now. Robinson scored 24 points (20 in the fourth quarter) in Wednesday’s win over Atlanta. He scored 19, 26 and 16 in their other three games. When he reins in his out-of-control style of play, he can be a force coming off the bench. Now if only he would break out of his shell, show some emotion and loosen up a little.

Runners Up

Jamie Langenbrunner: The Devils played two games this week (both victories), and Langenbrunner scored a total of four goals and added an assist. He even netted the game-winner in OT against Boston on Thursday.

Scott Clemmensen: New Jersey’s goalie notched his 20th and 21st wins this week. Who would have thought that would happen?

David Lee: The Knicks’ big man is as consistent as it gets (19 points/14 rebounds, 20/10, 17/13, 17/16 in the four games played this week), but it wasn’t enough to make the All-Star team.

Chris Duhon: The Knicks’ point guard helped the team to three wins this week, putting up these numbers: 15 points/7 assists, 18/5, 12/11 and 16/11.

Schmucks of the Week

Joe Torre/Yankees: Even though everything he said (or is supposed to have said – maybe he doesn’t even know what’s in the book) is probably true – who wouldn’t call A-Rod A-Fraud? – why write a book now? Is the former Yankee manager so desperate for money that he had to do this? Why not wait until you’re retired to write your memoirs? Will this have any affect on the clubhouse in LA? Maybe. But what was the point? He even turned A-Rod into a sympathetic figure. Say it ain’t so, Joe. And the Yankees are reacting by possibly making their managers and coaches sign a confidentiality clause. Does that mean I’ll never read a Kevin Long tell-all book?

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