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Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Pro Bowl: Good or bad decision?

Just as the New Year began, the NFL declared that the Pro Bowl would be moving from Honolulu to Miami.

And while nobody can really argue with this decision, one can definitely ask why is it being played the week before the Super Bowl?

I agree the NFL has to do something different with the Pro Bowl, but playing the game before the Super Bowl has many more weighted disadvantages than advantages:


— It shortens the trip for players, media and fans.

— Allows a lot of the players who are playing in the Super Bowl and that travel to the Super Bowl to stay in one city.

— Gives fans football between the championship games and the Super Bowl.


— Takes away from the game. Players who made the Pro Bowl but are playing in the Super Bowl will not play as they do not want to risk injury.

— Having the game the week before the Super Bowl will take away from the drama and excitement that leads up to the big …

This Week in Rangers Hockey (1/18/09 edition)

Rangers Rumors & News

Tom Renney is so mild-mannered he’s right out of the Bill Lumbergh school of management. “Yeah . . . umm . . . guys . . . I’m going to need you to look at some video on Saturday . . . and umm . . . yeah . . . can you fill out those power play reports by Monday? . . . Oh, and I almost forgot, I’m going to need you to come in on Sunday, too . . .yeah . . . thanks.” But on Friday in Chicago, he showed actual signs of life when the refs disgraced themselves with their shoddy performance. I thought he was going to go all Lou Piniella on their asses. It was justice that the Rangers pulled out the win in overtime. They went 2-1 for the week, and finished their road trip at 3-1-1. The players’ dads joined the team for the last two games. My dad once came to watch me work. He sat behind me at my …

Friday, January 16th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

Mark Sanchez, a four year junior, declared for the 2009 NFL Draft yesterday. He and Georgia’s Matt Strafford are considered the top two QBS with Oklahoma’s Heisman winner  Sam Bradford opting to return to Norman. USC finished 12-1 and number two in the college poll. The 6’3″ 225 pound QB had an outstanding Rose Bowl, completing 28-of -35 passes for 413 yards and 4 TDs.  The Trojans easily won the game 38-24 victory over No. 6 Penn State. He became just the third QB in Rose …

Knicks Rumors & News

The Giants have bitten the dust. It’s all basketball and hockey now. Spring training in one more month, though. In the news this week, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided they don’t want to be called “this year’s Giants” anymore, but instead would like to be known as “this year’s 1947 Chicago Cardinals.” But the Arizona Cardinals have already been privately calling themselves that in their weekly Chutes & Ladders and Candy Land get-togethers. “We are the Cardinals, after all,” they claim. The two teams have decided to settle the argument the old-fashioned way: with a three-legged race, followed by an egg-balancing-on-the-spoon showdown. There’s no prize for this week’s Hot Stove Player of the Week. Bernard Madoff stole it.


David Lee: The Knicks have been a circus since Lee has joined the team, but he’s been the one sane voice in the Garden’s wackiness. No matter how bad they’ve been, he plays hard and keeps on chugging. Now he may be coming into his own. He was the Knicks’ steadiest …

Jets Rumors & News

The Patriots at 11-5 were barred from the playoffs in dramatic style and as I prepare to watch several species of birds try to take out the Pittsburgh Steelers I would like to revisit week 16 for one brief moment. As much as it sucked to lose to the Dolphins, I’m now taking pleasure in the way we brought New England down with us.

It reminded me of an action movie from the 80’s.  You know, where the good guy wraps his arms and legs koala-style around the big bad monster.  Face to face, human and demon (or Alien or monster or whatever), sweaty, huffing and puffing…that’s when our hero reveals the pin he’s already pulled from the grenade in his jacket.  Finally, horror on the bad dudes face!

And from our hero (let’s call him Jericho)? Only these words uttered in a sand paper whisper, “I’ll see you in hell”

BOOM! The explosion sends debris everywhere- dirt clods, paper, filing cabinets (?), Alien guts… Our hero has sacrificed himself …

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

David Lee an All Star?

Knicks Rumors & News

David Lee is making a strong case to make the East All-Star team as a reserve. The game is a month away in Phoenix and the Knicks have not had an All Star since Latrell Sprewell and Allan Houston were selected to the squad in 2001. Lee has stepped up his game this month averaging 19.3 points, 12 rebounds, 1.4 steals and shooting 60% from the field in 7 games. He has registered a double-double in 23 of his last 26 games and is fifth in the NBA with 11.1 rebounds per game. The fourth year player is sixth in the league with a 57.3% field goal percentage and is averaging more points than Shawn Marion, Emeka Oakafor and Rasheed Wallace. However, the Knicks are 15-22 which can play a factor if Lee makes the team. Also, he has attempted just one three-pointer this season and is averaging 0.4 blocks per game.

Projected Roster

Starters:F Lebron James, F Kevin Garnett, C Dwight Howard, G Dwyane Wade, G Allen Iverson

Reserves: F/C Chris Bosh, G/F Danny …

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
Mets Rumors & News

Now that Derek Lowe has signed with the Braves (and no, the Mets didn’t “lose out” on him, they just smartly refused to go to four years and/or $60 million), what do the Mets do? What they should do is sign Ben Sheets and Oliver Perez. When Sheets takes the mound, you know what you’re going to get – you just don’t know if or when he’ll actually take the mound. You know Perez will take the mound (he’s been pretty healthy in his time with the Mets), you just don’t know what you’re going to get. So instead of just one, why not sign both?

Who else is out there? Randy Wolf? John Garland? Freddy Garcia? The Mets already signed Tim Redding, so they don’t need those guys. John Maine has trouble staying healthy, Johan Santana’s coming off surgery, Perez is a wild card and Sheets has his problems. So go for depth. If Ollie’s your fifth starter, that’s a pretty damn good rotation. Redding has already …

Hot Stove NY Rangers Goalie Quiz Answers

Rangers Rumors & News

Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz.

1. Mike Richter has 301 career wins.

2. Gump Worsley has the most career losses for the Rangers, with 271.

3. The Rangers have won the Vezina Trophy only three times: in 1939-40 by Dave Kerr, in 1970-71 by Eddie Giacomin and Gilles Villemure and in 1985-86 by John Vanbiesbrouck.

4. The single-season Rangers record for games played is 72, held by Richter (1997-98) and Henrik Lundqvist (2007-08).

5. Eddie Giacomin has the most career shutouts, with 49.

6. The last Ranger goalie to wear #35 before Richter was Bob Froese in 1988.

7. Former Rangers coach, GM and goalie Emile Francis was the first goalie to ever wear a baseball-style glove.

8. Mike Richter holds the single-season Rangers record for wins, with 42 in 1993-94.

9. In the 1928 Stanley Cup finals, Rangers coach Lester Patrick put himself in the nets due to an eye injury to starter Lorne Chabot. Patrick let in only one goal, and the Rangers won the game in overtime and went on …

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
Jets Rumors & News

Could someone please explain to me why on Earth the Jets are so attached to Brian Schottenheimer? The offense stunk it up the final five games and the play calling was atrocious all season long.

I’ll never forget sitting in the freezing rain/hail storm watching the Jets take the field aganst the Denver Broncos.  Nastiest conditions I’ve ever sat through, the hot chocolate was luke warm.  Everything was frozen and slippery.

What did the Jets do on their first posession?  Double reverse pitch to Cotchery who naturally fumbles the ball to the Broncos.  That’s a tricky play indoors under the best of conditions but during a Biblical rainstorm it belongs in the playbook to be pulled out another day.  I know that.  You know that.  How come the Offensive coordinator who’s getting paid boatloads of cash doesn’t know that?

That’s just one glaring example in a season where the awful playcalling was one of the few consistencies the Jets had to offer.  The front …

Hot Stove NY Rangers Goalie Quiz

Rangers Rumors & News

The New York Rangers have had some great goalies, colorful goalies and groundbreaking goalies. See how much you know about the guys who get 100-mile-an-hour frozen pucks shot at their heads – and like it. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. How many career wins does Mike Richter have?

2. Which goalie has the most career losses for the Rangers?

3. How many Vezina Trophies have the Rangers won?

4. Which two goalies share the Rangers single-season record for games played?

5. Which Ranger goalie has the most career shutouts?

6. Who was the last Ranger goalie to wear #35 before Richter?

7. Which former Ranger was the first NHL goalie to wear a baseball-style glove on his catching hand?

8. Who has the single-season record for wins?

9. Which Ranger coach had to put himself in as goalie due to an injury to the starter in the Stanley Cup finals?

10. When asked by a reporter what team gave him the most trouble, which Ranger goalie replied, “The New York Rangers”?

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Week 12 NBA pickups


Teams with four games this week: Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Milwaukee, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, Toronto, Utah


Mardy Collins (Clippers)- Collins has scored at least 15 points in his past four games as a starter and has averaged 4.8 assists and two steals per game in that span. Since January 4th the ex-Knick has played at least 35 minutes per game mostly due to all the injuries on the Clippers roster. Baron Davis missed the game against the Suns yesterday and the Los Angeles Times reported that he could be out several days.

Von Wafer (Rockets)- Wafer has converted 13 three-pointers in his last six games. During this span as a starter  he is averaging 15 points, shooting 58% from the field, 1.3 steals and 28.5 minutes of playing time per game. Tracy McGrady is expected to be out two weeks with a sore knee which means more playing time for Wafer.

Honorable mention: Luke Ridnour (Bucks)


Brian Skinner (Clippers)- Skinner has averaged 8 points and 7.3 rebounds in …

Sunday, January 11th, 2009
Giants Rumors & News

That was disappointing. If you said before the game that the Giants would hold Brian Westbrook to 46 total yards, you’d figure the Giants would cruise to an easy win. But, of course, you’d be wrong. The Giants picked the wrong day to play one of their worst games of the year. What the hell happened? On one hand, the Giants won the Super Bowl last year so expecting them to go back to back was probably too good to be true, so it was almost like a free season (at least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself), but on the other hand, that’s a bunch of crap.

The Good

Umm, my Sundays are now free the rest of the month. Maybe I’ll take up a new hobby, or fine-tune an old one – drinking. And at least now I have time to see Tom Cruise’s big-screen version of Hogan’s Heroes (though I don’t remember Colonel Klink wearing an eye patch). The game started out well …

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