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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

The Pro Bowl is often described as “juicy, revved up and refreshing,” “a truly frightening . . . experience with a shocker of an ending” and “a cultural landmark” (ok, those are descriptions of Notorious, The Uninvited and Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, Get Off My Damn Lawn, respectively). Actually the Pro Bowl is usually compared to watching a three-hour documentary about insurance. The NFL is moving the Pro Bowl to a week before the Super Bowl next year, and if that doesn’t ramp up the ratings, they’ll start televising the game on Versus. With that in mind, here are 15 suggestions for improving football’s all-star game.

1. Form a team of former NFL players who are now in prison (OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, etc.) and have them play a team of prison guards. It’ll be like The Longest Yard come to life. The actual Pro Bowlers can watch from the sidelines and lead the chants of Mean Machine! Mean Machine! Who wouldn’t watch that?

2. Have the players live in a …

Hot Stove Name That Ranger Quiz

Rangers Rumors & News

See how well you know some of the Rangers’ greatest and not-so-greatest players. Name the player that goes along with each clue. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. Adam Graves led the team with 52 goals in 1993-94. This player was second.

2. This Ranger was born on Staten Island.

3. This defenseman was traded to the Rangers for Vic Hadfield.

4. He was the last Ranger to wear #11 before Mark Messier.

5. He holds the Rangers’ single-season penalty minutes record.

6. He led the NHL in even-strength goals in 1971-72.

7. This present Ranger was selected by the Quebec Nordiques in the third round of the 1994 draft.

8. He led the Rangers in points in their first Stanley Cup-winning season of 1927-28.

9. When the Rangers ended their playoff drought in 2005-06, he led the team in scoring in the postseason.

10. He was traded to the Rangers from Pittsburgh for Syl Apps Jr.

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