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boldinSo the Super Bowl has come and gone and despite the annual beerfest at my apartment, it managed to leave a few lasting albeit fuzzy impressions upon me.

First and foremost, the game rocked. After what I thought was the beginning of a blowout, Kurt Warner and his crew showed up to prove that the Cardinals weren’t just a Cinderella team that had played above it’s level. As hard as it is to believe, the Arizona Cardinals belonged in the Big Game.

The officiating was horrendous. I must admit it was fun at first, watching the Cardinals get screwed. Fun because I’ve been watching the Jets get hosed at the hands of the officials for years and it was nice to see someone else get “no respect” for once. Kind of a sour grapes type fun.


Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the tequila, or maybe it was the bacon explosion; but after awhile my entire Super Bowl Party was convinced that the officials were throwing the game. I wasn’t taking notes but it started early on and carried all the way to the final play. For instance, Pittsburgh was called for Roughing the Kicker in the second half. Isn’t that penalty always a replay of the down with yards tacked on? How come when it happened Sunday the penalty was assessed after the change of possession? I’d like to add that earlier this very same officiating crew called the Cardinals for a very bogus Roughing the Holder on a Pittsburgh field goal attempt and that penalty (on 4th and 22) resulted in an “automatic 1st down.” You’d think that the NFL would want top-notch officiating in the mother of all Marquee games but that’s just not the case. The NFL is, in my opinion, the best League in all of Sports. No huge steroid scandals (at the moment anyway), no cheesy NBA veteran hook-ups, teams go from 1-15 to 12-4, the salary cap is enforced to ensure parady… I could go on and on as to why I love watching the NFL. It’s major beef is the refs. Why are they so bad? Why wasn’t Warner’s so-called fumble reviewed at the end of the game?

It seemed to me that the Steelers were getting the respect and the calls because of the franchise’s history. As much as I can appreciate how well the Steelers consistently play in a league designed to prevent dynasties, I thought it was all about two teams playing American Tackle Football against each other at a neutral location. There should be no favoritism.

Also, something happened Sunday that made me smile more than any touchdown or field goal, more than any big hit, and yes even more than The Boss rocking out South Jersey– er, I mean South Florida. Matt Cassell was pissed on. Yes, there was pee aimed at Matt Cassell and it landed on him. As reported by the Daily News, an incident in the line for the Men’s restroom resulted in a drunken fan urinating on the Patriots newest Golden Boy. My first thought when I heard this- “No way, what are the odds of that happening to Matt Cassell of all people?” My second thought- “Those odds get exponentially better with every Jets fan let into the stadium.”


If tailgating in the Meadowlands is a beer flavored affair every Sunday, can you imagine what a Jets fan might consume in the parking lot before the Super Bowl? My guess is that I would probably have to pee really badly too and considering how the season ended, Cassell’s top five on my list of things I’d like to urinate all over. Now imagine the surprise when that Jet fan, with a beer filled bladder at the Super Bowl, turns to the guy mouthing off to him in line only to discover it’s the freakin quarterback of the New England Patriots. What choice did he have really? Fate put the two of them together for a reason and it ain’t to play twister…. The dude had to do what he had to do.

Classy? No.

Funny? Very.

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  1. 1 On February 4th, 2009, LarryLuv said:

    Well… if it looks like a Jet fan and smells Like a Jet fan and leaks on Cassell Like A jet fan then it must be….”A JET FAN”.Great game with the exception of poor officiating,the problem stems from the fact that The NFL does not hire Full time officials due to the fact that it is a16 game regular season.You would think a multi-billion dollar corporation/buss. could find a way to maybe take one psl from each team after they have blead there fan’s of money and apply it to training and hiring younger more fit officials,not retired lawyers and Dr’s.One can hope,and the lame excuse they are using for the Warner Fumble/no-fumble that it was reviewed is bogus.The fix may have been in,Pres.Obama was rooting for the steelers maybe he called Comm.Goodell? but we will never know.Regardless the steelers earned it at the end,congrats on a great game,one of the best ever.

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