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Saturday, February 7th, 2009

UPDATE: A-Roid Admits Steroid Use

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update: A-Rod has admitted to using steroids during a three-year period beginning in 2001, according to

This is not a drill, folks.  

I can understand your skepticism, especially given Jose Canseco’s allegations in December 2007 that the Yankee third baseman belonged on Senator George Mitchell’s list of steroid cheats.  Once again, Canseco was dismissed as a clown whose 2005 book Juiced exposed baseball’s dirty steroid scandal but apparently earned him little credibility.  

Once again, Canseco has been vindicated, and the  fallout from today’s revelations could shake the sport.

Selena Roberts and David Epstein of Sports Illustrated are reporting that Alex Rodriguez, the 2003 AL MVP and home run king, tested positive for the anabolic steroids Primobolan and testosterone while playing for the Texas Rangers.  The 2003 survey testing was commissioned by Major League Baseball in order to determine the extent of the sport’s steroid problem and to evaluate the necessity of instituting mandatory random drug testing.  As part of a joint agreement with the MLB Players …

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