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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
Yankees Rumors & News

First of all, if you’ve never read “The Tell Tale Heart,” you should stop reading this dinky little blog post and go to your nearest bookstore.  It’s a short story, it’ll take you 30 minutes at the most, and it’s directly related to what we’re talking about here. We all know the story so I’m not going to recap.  Quick tangent though- out of the 104 names on the “anonymous” list of steroid users in Major League Baseball from 2003, it’s one heckova big coincidence that the three we know happen to be the biggest named pitcher, slugger, and fielder of the past twenty years.  They also happen to be a white guy, a black guy, and a latin guy.  Somebody is strategically dropping tactical steroid bombs and covering all his bases. We’re going to touch on those players that haven’t been named, the ones who are still “anonymously” listed somewhere together as steroid users in 2003.  They must be sweating bullets wherever they all …

Hot Stove Knicks Uniform Number Quiz

Knicks Rumors & News

See how much you know about Knicks numerology. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. Earl Monroe briefly wore a number besides 15 with the Knicks. What was it?

2. What is the highest uniform number ever worn by a Knick?

3. What two numbers in the twenties have never been worn by a Knick?

4. Who is the last player to wear #17?

5. Patrick Ewing is the last Knick to wear #33. Who was the first?

6. How many numbers have the Knicks retired?

7. Who was the last player to wear #50 before Zach Randolph?

8. Who is the only Knick to wear #24 besides Bill Bradley?

9. What number did Phil Jackson wear when he played for the Knicks?

10. What Knick wore #13 for the longest period of time?

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