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ray_lewisThe 2008/2009 football season refuses to end for the Jets.  To be honest, the past few weeks of the offseason  have been more fun than that winless December when the Green Folk were underachieving on a monumental scale.  First, there was the immediate firing of Cangini, followed by the hiring of D-Rex, and now Brett Favre has announced his plans to retire.  Finally, all of our questions have been answered right?  Not so much actually…

By retiring, Favre released the Jets from paying him 13 million buckaroos next year.  Last week we were about 4 million dollars over the salary cap.  Now, depending on who you’re listening to, we’re somewhere between 5 and 17 million under.  That’s a pretty big swing and I wish I had D-Rex’s ear for an hour or so.  Free Agency is suddenly fertile ground for a Jet fan’s imagination what with all those corner backs, all of those Ray Lewis’s, and all of those veteran quarterbacks milling about.

Debates on the Jets quarterback situation are raging across the interweb.  Some people are demanding that we pick up a Byron Leftwich or Jeff Garcia.  Others are claiming that Brett Ratliff is the second coming of Johnny Unitas after he burned several 3rd string defenses in the preseason.  Me?  Part of the reason the Favre acquisiton looked so great was that Kellen Clemens has a similar skill set.  Clemens spent enough time watching Pennington be the “onfield general” that couldn’t ever beat a tough defense.  Last year Clemens backed up the anti-Pennington.favre-2-al-pereira11 I would hope he’s learned from both and I for one would be happy with him taking the snaps under center.  Ratliff had some great highlights but Kellen’s faced live bullets and he looked better than Duck Pennington doing so.  I just hope he picked up a little of the Favre-ness he saw last season, specifically the part that never gives up on any play until the whistle blows or you score a touchdown.

Last week when Ray Lewis mentioned the Jets as a team he’d like to play for I didn’t see how we could justify getting an aging linebacker that would further push us over the salary cap.  Now that we might be able to afford him I can’t help but see his upside.  “YOU MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!”  He knows the defense better than Sutton ever did.  You want an onfield general?  That’s exactly what Ray Lewis is… a pitbull/water buffalo mix that understands the hard hitting side of football as well as the strategic.  One thing’s for sure when Lewis is on the field, his teammates are in position and that’s one area where we truly stank last season.

If I were sitting in Tannenbaum’s seat, I’d be intent on patching up the holes in our defense- namely the secondary.  We stopped the run last season thanks to Jenkins, but our secondary made a bad habit of turning crappy QB’s into probowl contenders.  Mr Tannenbaum, I beseech you sir, please go forth and make a run at Nnamdi Asomugha. Two shut down corners would free up our safeties to ball hawk.  Kerry Rhodes sure talks a big game after having an utterly forgettable season.  Let’s see if he can back it up… otherwise, we’re paying him too much money.


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  1. 1 On February 19th, 2009, Christopher Lee said:

    I’ve been a fan of Tannenbaum all along- looks like we’re $15 million under…

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