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Sunday, March 1st, 2009

This Week in Rangers Hockey (John Tortorella Edition)

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It took three games, but the Rangers may finally be getting used to John Tortorella’s new aggressive style of play. In the first two games under their new coach, they did just about everything right except for one little detail: score goals. But last night’s explosion against Colorado took care of that. Yeah, yeah the Avs stink, but so does Toronto and the Rangers lost twice to them this week, so who cares who they beat, as long as they won. Tortorella may not be a miracle worker, and they only have one win (against a crappy team) since he came aboard, but here are some positive changes we’ve seen so far:

1. He’s instituted a whole new system (or is it the old system from the beginning of the season?), attacking and controlling the puck. He’s opened up the offense, which the forwards have to be happy about. And the defense hasn’t suffered because of it. The defensemen have actually played a whole lot better.

2. Wade …

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