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jay-cutler2On one hand, he’s the best young quarterback in the league.  He’s got an accurate cannon for an arm and he can complete passes in the most epic weather conditions.  Many feel that Cutler is the type of talent rarely seen in the NFL.

On the other hand, Jay Cutler is a jackass.  At least he seems like one to those of us who don’t know him personally but read his stupid comments in the papers and hear him on TV.  He just comes off as an egotistical tool.

That’s where we are right now.  Possibly the best quarterback in the game is begging to get out of Denver and the Jets have a giant ? under center.  Cutler’s an obvious solution if he didn’t resemble a smarmy used car sales man.used-car-salesman-thumb889026

Since day 1, Rex Ryan has been adament that the Jet’s “quarterback of the future” is already on the roster.  That was before whatever happened between the Bronco’s and Cutler went down.  While I for one would love to see Kellen Clemmens get his chance, Cutler’s talent is tough to ignore.  He’s just too damn good.  Physically, Cutler’s as gifted as they come.  His heart, his brain, and his leadership are what we call into question.  One thing’s for sure (in my humble opinion), if the Jet’s grabbed JC, Thomas Jones will have another monster season.  Nobody- not even Belicik- cheats off of Cutler’s receivers.

The question in most of our minds is, “What would it take to get him here?’  Normally I’d think he wouldn’t be worth it but Cutler’s throwing a temper tandrum over there and that tends to speed things up.  Our first round pick (number 17)?  Do it.  Our second round pick and Kellen Clemens? (sorry KC) Do it.  What about our 1st rounder and Leon Washington?  Wow, that’s a little harder for me to swallow.  That’s also the most recent trade rumor floating around the internet.    I feel like Leon is such a little piece of Bad Ass that his best is yet to come.  But isn’t a quaterback more important than a return-specialist/change-of-pace back, jay-cutler-image-11especially one that changes the pace of the AFC’s leading rusher? hmmmm… What if he’s the best quarterback in the NFL?  But what if Leon’s the best return-specialist/change-of-pace-back ever?  I JUST DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE!!!  When did Leon become expendable?!!?  I guess it’s justified but I’d feel better if we sent them Jones for Cutler straight up.

I feel like it’s important to note that Buffalo is also rumored to be gunning for Cutler.

Cutler + TO= a headache for you, me, Dupree, Chad P, BB, Rex’s D, and everything else AFCE.

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