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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
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New York is known for all things big: the Empire State Building, Donald Trump’s ego, Babe Ruth’s stomach. But the Gotham baseball scene has witnessed its fair share of quality little guys. They’re not Oompa-Loompas or Munchkins (and no, they’re not made of wood, as my daughter once thought of the little people in the Wizard of Oz), but they are under six-feet tall. They may be short in stature, but they played their way into our hearts. See how many of these little guys you can name. The answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. He played shortstop and second base for the Yankees in the early 1990s before he was traded to Houston for Xavier Hernandez.

2. His major league career ended when he was body slammed by Pirates catcher Ed Ott.

3. This Yankee shortstop co-starred in made-for-TV movie The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

4. This little guy played 13 saeasons for the Mets but hit only one career home run at Shea Stadium.

5. This 5′ 6″ outfielder played …

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