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Friday, April 3rd, 2009

This Week in Rangers Hockey (Uh-oh Edition)

Rangers Rumors & News

The Rangers spent the week fighting for their playoff lives. And they didn’t do a very good job of it. They played one great game and two pretty good ones, but pretty good isn’t good enough when you need points. Who cares how you do it – when you’re tied in the third period, you need to come out of the game with at least a point.

On Saturday against Pittsburgh, the Rangers fell behind 2-0, but rallied with two late first period goals. Fell behind again, and tied it again. Then lost it on a third-period goal by Sidney (insert crybaby joke here) Crosby. The game was an odd-man-rush-fest, with too-much pinching by the defensemen leaving the center of the ice wide open for the Pens. “It’s an in-your-face system that’s constantly evolving,” said Chris Drury.

On Tuesday, the matchup everybody’s been waiting for took place – Fatso vs. Sean Avery. The Rangers plugged the hole in the odd-man-rush dam and played their best game of the year. The Blueshirts …

Hot Stove Schmucks of the Week: Nets

Nets Rumors & News

Here we go again. This week we’ll have another all-schmuck edition and just make it a team effort. The locals were the dregs again this week, going a combined 4-13-2. Other highlights: We had the Sean Avery vs. Martin Brodeur heavyweight bout of the century (Avery 1, Brodeur 0). Citi Field and Yankee Stadium III open for business tonight (well, Citi kind opened already with the St. Johns/Georgetown game). And Sports Illustrated has somewhat bizarrely picked the Mets to win the World Series. That’s really going out on a limb. Sure, they have a good team, but is the magazine aware of what happened to them the last two seasons? Now Carlos Beltran can declare, “Tell Jimmy Rollins we’re the team to jinx this year.” Throw another log on the fire – collapse, choke, jinx. I think Nostradamus picked the Mets to win the wild card this season back in 1555. He also predicted John Maine would round into shape, but Francisco Rodriguez would crack a rib during one of his post-save …

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