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Monday, April 13th, 2009

The Mets First Week in Review

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The opening week of the season for the Mets has been a mixed bag, and it shows in their 3-3 record. Their pitching: sometimes good, sometimes bad. Their hitting: sometimes good, sometimes bad. Their fielding: sometimes good, sometimes bad.

The Mets starting rotation is about what you’d expect. Johan Santana has only given up one earned run in his two starts. Mike Pelfrey got rocked in his first inning of work, but then threw well enough for the team to win. Oliver Perez was an absolute disaster, which only means he’ll probably toss a shutout in his second start. John Maine was looking for all the world like his start would also be a disaster (especially after Gary Cohen jinxed him by raving about how good he looked after the first two batters he faced only to see a home run soar out of the park before the announcer could finish his sentence), but he settled in and only let up two runs. And Livan Hernandez was surprisingly …

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