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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Empty Seats Just What The Yankees Deserve

Yankees Rumors & News

In watching the Yankees first four home games this past weekend, you cannot help but notice the many lower level patches of seats which are vacant for each and every game.

Were the Yankees really serious in believing that even hardcore fans would pay anywhere from $300 to $2,625 a seat just to watch a baseball game?

Corporate America cannot even afford these outrageous prices.   

Fans are left with no other choice but to stay home or look around for middle or upper deck seats.  The problem however is that these seats have already been purchased by season ticket holders who could no longer afford their lower level seats.

This has resulted in fans within these levels to be relocated to different sections that they have been in for years or a reduction in games within their current seats.

Prices should have remained the same or, at the very worst, slightly increased in line with general inflation. The Yankees could have then counted on a sure sellout for every home game …

Mets Rumors & News

Will the Mets set a record for leaving men on base? In their first 12 games this year, they’ve left 100 men on base. That sounds like a lot, mainly because it is a lot. They’re getting men on base and continually putting themselves in postition for big innings, but they can’t drive them home. Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Ryan Church and Luis Castillo all have on-base percentages over .400, but they still can’t score. Their situational hitting is weak. After having the same problem last year, they may already be pressing. Are they just not clicking yet or is this a continuation of last season? Hopefully it’s the former.

Can Johan Santana start every game? The Mets ace has a 0.46 ERA after three starts, while the rest of the rotation looks like this: Mike Pelfrey 8.10, Oliver Perez 7.84, John Maine 7.20, Livan Hernandez 4.63. Ouch. Numbers two through five have only two starts each, so it’s a little early to panic, but those …

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