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penningtonchoke-21Somehow I lucked into a split season ticket situation for next year.  4 games, I get to pick which ones.  Basically, a father and son like the Jets but don’t want to go to every game.  The only catch is that the Carolina and Jacksonville games are spoken for.  Is that a catch?  With the AFC East being once again incredibly competitive and Rex Ryan’s promise of a new style of football, I’ve spent some serious time debating which games I should go to.

First choice- and this one’s a no brainer- the Patriots are coming to town in week two for the Jets home opener.  Rex Ryan vs Bill Bellicheat, round one- FIGHT!  This game will bond coaches, payers, and fans for we will stand together against the tyranny of that state just North of Rhode Island.  Tom Brady’s twice surgically repaired knee will be tested as will our revamped secondary I’m sure. Maybe they’ll actually serve beer at this game.

One player I truly can’t stand is Terrell Owens. The guy is either certifiably crazy or just a big dumb jerk.  He’s as divisive a presence in the locker room as anybody and a crybaby to boot.  I hope to God that he obliterates any semblance of chemistry the Bills had and I’d bet $$$ that he won’t be able to deal with playing alongside Lee Evans.  October 18th the TO circus roles into town when the Jets host the Bills and this is another AFC East smackdown.  I’m sure Rex feels the same way I do about Owens.  Bart Scott is calling his new team “Swaggerlicious” but I’m not buying it until I see TO lit up like the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July.jeopardy1

My next game will be another eventful one.  It will be the first time that I’ve ever been able to root against Duck Pennington.  Chad and his gaggle of  Wildcat buddies are coming to town on November 1st and I’m confident that this will be a fun one.  Did you see what Rex’s defense did to Chad in the playoffs?  Yeah so did I.  It was pretty much a beat down.  Reminded me of my days as an Indian Leg Wrestler but I digress… The Dolphins had a cakewalk for a schedule last season.  Next season?  Not so much.  Their first five games are against the Falcons, Chargers, Saints, Bills and Colts.  I could easily see the Dolphins limping in to Giant stadium with a 1-4 record.   Staggerlicious.   “Welcome home Chad!”  CHOMP!!!  Did I mention that this is a Monday Night game?  Oh…  Hell…   Yes…

So I’m barely two months into the season with only one game left to pick.  This one is another nobrainer for both personal and historic reasons. It is also the only non-divisional game I’ll be at next season.

colesdrop1Personal-  Laveraneus Coles is coming back to town with the Cincinnati Bungles.  I still don’t understand why he turned down the guaranteed money he was owed but I don’t care.  That salary cap space cleared room for our recent free agent madness and now I get to watch him drop balls for another team while wearing a tiger costume.  This is the last game of the season so it’ll be cold as hell.   The Bengals play in a dome.  Juicy.

Historic-  The Jets/Bengals game on January 3rd will be the last regular season football game to be played at Giant stadium. Finally Jimmy Hoffa will be able to rest in peace without all those enormous men jumping around on top of him.  If the Giants or Jets secure a home field game in the playoffs then, sure, there’s more football to be played.  It’s the NFL.  Parody is rampant and there are no guarantees.  So for now, this is the last coin flip, the last kickoff, and the last chance to watch LC get another concussion at Giant stadium.  OK… so that’s maybe a little too mean.  Coles has been a real turd burgler recently though so I don’t feel too bad.

Just a quick question here:  anybody else sick of hearing Mark Sanchez talk about how great he is?

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