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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Mets Keep Finding Ways to Lose

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The Mets may not have to worry about a September swoon this season if they keep playing the way they are now. They’re collapsing in April. The starting rotation, with the obvious exception of Johan Santana, is absolutely atrocious. John Maine and Oliver Perez welcomed Livan Hernandez to the 7.00 ERA club today. And when Mike Pelfrey returns to the mound on Saturday he’ll be hoping to lower his ERA to 7.00. Is there any hope that this will change? While Perez has been up and down his whole career, Maine is a big disappointment so far, and after Hernandez’s spring training and first start, he’s a letdown also. It’s still really, really early, but there aren’t any signs of encouragement with this staff. They can’t last past the fifth inning and don’t come close to a quality start.

The rotation is the biggest worry for the team, but just about everwhere else you look, the Mets have problems there, too. After the last two seasons …

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