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Mets Cardinals BaseballThe Mets may not have to worry about a September swoon this season if they keep playing the way they are now. They’re collapsing in April. The starting rotation, with the obvious exception of Johan Santana, is absolutely atrocious. John Maine and Oliver Perez welcomed Livan Hernandez to the 7.00 ERA club today. And when Mike Pelfrey returns to the mound on Saturday he’ll be hoping to lower his ERA to 7.00. Is there any hope that this will change? While Perez has been up and down his whole career, Maine is a big disappointment so far, and after Hernandez’s spring training and first start, he’s a letdown also. It’s still really, really early, but there aren’t any signs of encouragement with this staff. They can’t last past the fifth inning and don’t come close to a quality start.

The rotation is the biggest worry for the team, but just about everwhere else you look, the Mets have problems there, too. After the last two seasons of embarrassment, you would think that they would come out on a mission, with drive, focus and urgency. But you would be wrong. The only time they drive in runs is when the other team has already scored 12 of their own. They can’t run the bases properly. Can’t anybody slide around here? Daniel Murphy was picked off first and thrown out at home when he didn’t slide (though he probably would have been out anyway), and Calros Beltran‘s bizarre explanation for why he neglected to slide in Tuesday’s game is right up there with the dog ate his homework. If your making a mad dash for home plate, you should know you’re going to have to slide as soon as you take your first step. That decision not to slide was the downfall of that game.

The Mets’ fielding woes are obvious. Murphy’s having a tough time out in left, but he’s learning a new position at the major league level, so some slack can be cut for him. But the whole team is sloppy all over the field, whatever aspect of the game they’re playing. Where’s the crispness? The fight? Instead of even sliding, how about barreling over a catcher or two once in a while? Was Ty Wigginton the last Met to knock over a catcher?

When you can’t pitch, can’t catch the ball, can’t run the bases and can’t hit when it counts, you’re going to lose. A lot. It’s only April, and there’s no reason to panic over their 6-9 record. But the quality of play (or lack thereof) is alarming. The most basic fundamentals of the game are proving to be difficult for them. And that’s a problem.

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