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85974442JM032_WASHINGTON_CAThis week’s games came in a variety pack. New York saw a 22-4 game along with two 1-0 ones all on the same day, a walk-off infield single, a walk-off 14th-inning home run, a loss with 00.2 seconds left on the clock and two goaltending performances for the ages. The Yankees recovered from their embarrassing loss and ended up 4-1 since last Friday. The Rangers took a surprising 3-1 lead in their series, the Devils are up 3-2 and the Mets are teetering on the edge of despair.


Henrik Lundqvist: All hail the King. “He’s awesome. We love him. He’s the king,” gushed Paul Mara (who apparently stole Joaquin Phoenix‘s beard). Lundqvist shut out Washington on Saturday, and after letting in four goals on Monday because his defensemen accidentally showed up at the old Madison Square Garden, played the game of his life in Wednesday’s victory. He made a playoff career-high 38 saves while standing on his head, his toes, his elbows and anything else he could stand on to save the Rangers. He’s made 141 saves and has a 2.00 GAA and .946 save percentage in the series so far. But the series isn’t over yet, so he’s going to have to keep on doing it. Alex Ovechkin isn’t going to quit, so Lundqvist will probably have to make 50 saves tonight.

Runners Up

Melky Cabrera/Derek Jeter: Cabrera lost out on the starting center field job, but saved the Yankees on Wednesday with a game-winning homer in the 14th inning. And the Captain belted the game-winner on Friday.

Brandon Dubinsky/Ryan Callahan: Brandon Dubinsky only has two assists in the series vs. the Caps and is +2, but he’s been an all-around force for the Blueshirts. And Ryan Callahan continues to impress, playing his usual hard-working game and picking up the only goal in the Rangers’ 1-0 win on Saturday.

Andy Pettitte/Johan Santana: Just about the only good thing going for the Mets is Santana and his 0.46 ERA, and old warhouse Pettitte has been the Yanks’ best starter this year.

Martin Brodeur: The Devils goalie got over his temper tantrum long enough to tie Patrick Roy‘s record for playoff shutouts at 23. He made 44 saves to give New Jersey a 3-2 lead in their series against the Hartford Whalers. In the five games played in the opening round, he’s only let in nine goals.

Schmucks of the Week

The Mets: While there were plenty to choose from this week – Chien-Ming Wang once again, CC Sabathia once again, Oliver Perez once again, John Maine once again, Sean Avery for his two horrible penalties in Wednesday’s game – we’ll go with the whole Mets roster (except Santana). Their starters can’t pitch, the team can’t slide, they can’t field, they can’t drive in runs when it counts, they get picked off bases and they even fall down a lot. They’re sloppy, deficient in the most basic fundamentals, lack focus and rarely hustle. That’s all. They’re playing like schmucks.

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