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sanchez1I’ve gone from being dumbfounded to angry to depressed to optimistic to hopeful to “holy crap, we didn’t really give up that much.”  I do not, or I guess I should say, did not like the personality I saw Mark Sanchez put on display the weeks leading up until draft day.  He struck me as an egotistical jock who’s spent the past few years playing sports in Southern California.  When asked about workouts he did for teams he pretty much said “I wowed them with my arm, with my football brain, and with my stunning smile.”

“I threw it really well. I was spinning it all day. I knocked down all the throws. It was great…  As soon as I sat down with their team and their playbook, they were like, ‘Wow, this kid has a natural feel for the game. He understands our offense very well.”

That was right after his workout with the Jets a few weeks ago.  Ryan Leaf had more modesty.  I don’t know why everyone in the media thinks the Jets did an incredible thing by trading up for Sanchez.  They gave up three players and a 2nd rounder to move in on a young guy who’s played 16 games at USC.  He’s an unproven commodity with an air of arrogance about him.  I pray Rexenbaum know what they’re doing.  Bargaining with Mangini is akin to dealing with the Devil…  I’ve got a bad feeling about this.got_a_bad_feeling

Did you see the way Sanchez was fixing his sideburns on National TV two seconds after donning a green and white hat?  My doomsday draft had unfolded right before my eyes.  I can’t stand football players who preen.  They are two things that just don’t mix.  Preening football players in Jet’s hats make me want to puke.

Abram Elam will be missed even if it’s only by me.  Kenyon Coleman?  I liked him but he’s replaceable.  Remember the quarterback battle between Clemens and Ratliff?  All those people in the blogosphere arguing that Ratliff was a superstar waiting in the wings with an incredible cannon that would stretch the field all the way to the  Superbowl?  Well now we know how much Ratliff must have impressed Rex Ryan during those workouts.

It’s true.  We really didn’t give much up in terms of personnel.

We have the offensive line to propel even a mid-level quarterback deep into the win column so if Sanchez is half as ready for the pros as he thinks he is we should be able to score points.  We’re a run first team right?  Ground and Pound baby!  Speaking of Thomas Jones… I loved the way we moved in on Shonn Greene.  One way or another we’ll have a bruiser to share carries with lil’ Leon Washington next year.  Anybody else smell a Thomas Jones trade brewing in Rex’s laboratory?

We’ve addressed the quarterback situation (hopefully).  We’ve still got to find a blocking Tight End and a dangerous receiver.  I would prefer said receiver to only be dangerous on the field but the Jets front office doesn’t seem to mind where their prospective players set it off- they’re talking to Plaxico “I shot myself in the leg” Burress.  We can’t pick this guy up until 1) we find out if he can still run and 2) we get him a pistol with a safety.  He might also need an IQ test and a background check.

D-Rex sure likes to hit the throttle doesn’t he?rexchange3

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  1. 1 On April 28th, 2009, LLUV said:

    Well…Coleman replaceable,Elam would have not started(look up how he had to sign off on trade friday even if it did not happen)Ratcliff who knows?…Sanchez WHO KNOWS! But one thing that is certain is that if we did not draft him and he went to another team he was a lock for the Hall Of Fame.

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