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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Mets Are a Nervous Wreck

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It’s still only April, but the Mets are cracking under the pressure. They’re already a nervous wreck. Former Orioles manager Earl Weaver nicknamed pitcher Don Stanhouse “Full Pack” because the hurler caused the Baltimore skipper to smoke a full pack of cigarettes every time he took the mound. Every player on the Mets (except Johan Santana, of course) fits that description. Epitomizing the weight of the world that sits on the Mets’ shoulders and nervous-wreckedness (is that a word?) is face-of-the-franchise David Wright.

While the third baseman is making Met fans want to smoke Camel Light after Camel Light every game with his fielding and hitting, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sitting in the dugout dragging on three cigs at once and sweating more than me trying to come up with a Dennis Miller-like analogy for someone who sweats a lot. “Nervous? Me? What gave you that idea?” In between Gold Glove plays at third, he commits egregious errors, and when he’s not hitting into double plays to end …

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